Monday, August 2, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?

I shall clarify some things first. I do not hate all vampires. I love Dracula.
I just hate the new bling bling ones.

Seriously, how did the cool blood sucker, feared by many Vampire status drop to musky voice, pretty face and crazily in love teenage boy? Oh yes, I missed out the sickness he was having. Not asthma but the way he breathes as if he was having an orgasm.

Who you may ask?
Like seriously?
You don't know?

The vampires of Twilight of course. I do not hate the author or the story, I just hate the way the vampires are portrayed.  
 Vegetarian vampires and pretty faces. sure thing. Just another sugar coated image of something fearsome.Oh, I forgot how they are shiny and glittery as well.

So finally a parody movie is coming out about vampires. Well kinda expected it, since there was the Superhero Movie and Date Movie and all the other spoofs.

Enough with the pretty faces and half naked men running around. I want the real thing back! I want blood and fear.

It shall be a breath of fresh air with some good laughs. ^^

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