Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Milo shirts & dog tags


On this very day, about the same time of day, 4 teens decided to have an adventure.
A very random adventure.

Well it was technically me, Kaivin, Meili and HueyShan. We had this random day out.
It started at ML's house. Since she has loads of Milo shirts, we took one each.
After that we wore it to KLCC to have waffles for lunch. Random much?
I know but it goes on even further...
After that we went to JJ Setiawangsa to play the arcade, thought of buying dog tags and eventually ended up at A&W for root beer. 
No its not over, from here, we drove to the lrt, took the lrt then the monorail to sg.wang to engrave our dogtags.
Then we walked around and left back for ML's place. 

Yes, well that was how the Milo Dogtag Gang started. We even have our own theme song. XD
Anyways, the only sad thing is that during our little adventure, a few of our other friends have already left like Chester and Melissa.

So honoring the date that we made the dog tags, I decided to write this post.
17-08-09 is what's written behind our tags and I'm happy that we did it.


Miss my high school friends...

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