Sunday, August 8, 2010

My water moments with Sony TX5!!!

Well yesterday at the Sony My Water Moments by Sony, I won a Sony TX5!!
Nuffnang and Advertlets was also there to experience the water moments!

Ok so the event was at Sunway Lagoon.
It was to promote their TX5 which is Waterproof, Shock proof, Dust Proof and also Temperature proof.
So there were pretty girls walking around with the camera snapping pics and they would free print it out for you.
So nice of Sony. ^^

 My group mates playing one of the games.

Yep so there were games where you were suppose to prove the camera's functions. Groups of 5 was formed up and the fastest group would win 5 cameras. Second prize was the Sony Bloggie and third was the Sony Waterproof Wireless mp3 player.

That is actually me and my sis. LOL

There was also a performance by Juztin something. Winner of the Astro Talent Quest 2009. 
Sorry bro I tak kenal you.
Eventhough he had like 4 fans wearing shirts with his name on it. Why didn't Sony invite Wonder Girls?
They are under Sony and they were  recently here for MTV World Stage maaa. whyyyy

 My group with our prize!

Very fun event!
I met new bloggers and my team mates rock!
I would say well done to Sony for the well organized event.
Always nice to meet new friendly people.

If you know this leng lui please contact me!

My Sony TX5 review would be out in a week or so. After I have fumbled around with it.
For now I would say, the pictures are actually pretty sharp and Sony has been known in my family as "Freaking Steady Shot". Which is pretty true.

Sony TX5. My new friend.

Pictures taken from 
Just so happen he snapped a picture of my butt. XD


  1. OMG OMG! congrats! now i feel jelous okay! u edy have dslr. so, pass to me laa..dat sony tx5. :p

  2. LOLOLOL i know tht lenglui's number ;D

    its 911 :D call her nao lOL