Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emmy Nominees for Best Commercial

We love watching the good ones,
so here are 6 nominated for the Emmys

The winner was the one from Old Spice.

Monday, August 30, 2010

5 things I learned with my DSLR

Ever since I got my DSLR a few months back,
I have learned a lot from friends and the net but the few most important would be the 5 listed.

  1. Always carry your camera around - You did buy the camera for a reason. So use it! Bring it around. I've missed quite a number of shots cause I didn't feel like bringing it around. If you think that a DSLR is too big and chunky for you, then aim for something smaller, a Lumix GX1 or a Sony NEX3 perhaps.
  2. Use other modes besides AUTO - Well you did get a DSLR camera for a reason, so why not move away from Auto and to the other modes before eventually ending up with the Manual modes. There are loads to learn and it is pretty fun. 
  3. Never shoot with a bright backlight - This is a pretty general rule. Unless you are going for a silhouette shot, the picture will most likely turn out not what you want it. With the subject dark and the background bright. 
  4. Try not using the flash - With all the new High Iso options with the cameras, try using it instead of a flash. It would give the picture more ambiance and mood. Just keep in mind that, the higher the Iso the higher the picture noise. 
  5. Be patient - Take your time with the shot you are about to snap. Cause if you rush it through, it may either turn out blur or it may not capture the moment. Wait for it but not for too long. 
Hope it helps~

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Starbucks Instant Coffee

Okay well Starbucks came out with their instant coffee line a few months back and by luck,
Chester (the guest blogger of this blog),
sent some to me! So nice of him horrr

Means my coffee fly from the Starbucks factory, then to wherever he bought it then fly again to Malaysia.
Those nuts got more fly time than my nuts for this year. damnnn
Since this review is nothing about my nuts, lets move on...

So well apparently Starbucks claimed that the instant coffee is so fresh, regular Starbucks drinkers wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Here is a short video of that.


Well let me explain. I tried the Instant Iced Coffee from Starbucks a few nights back, its tastes EXACTLY like those you can get from a Kopitiam. (cheaper version of a coffee shop in Malaysia).
So my conclusion for it was Iced Coffee = Iced Kopi-O
Worst part of it was, cause the Kopi-o is made at the spot, it sorta tastes better. jengjengjenggggg

So there you go, the next time your friend wants to buy you Starbucks Instant Coffee, request for their Frappacino flavor if they have it...XDD

I grew up drinking coffee and I'm really curious, I've got friends who have never tried coffee besides Starbucks or Coffee Bean. hmm
They must be rich~

Signing off~

Saturday, August 28, 2010

SNSD Japan HQ Wallpapers

Okay I know that quite recently SNSD released their Genie single in Japanese
If you haven't seen it yet, here it is.
Damn Tiffany and Sunny looks so hot.

Well technically looking for the Jap Wallpapers did take some time and effort.
So please enjoy~

The Viliv ones I'm not so sure,
but since Jessica changed her hair color in the Jap vid, I'm just assuming this is related.
If it ain't,
not a bad thing having another SNSD wallpaper..XD

Hope you will enjoy this. ^^

Friday, August 27, 2010

Step Up 3 dude!

Well I have managed to watch Step Up 3 thanks to Dila  for bringing me along ^^

What can I say about it, I'm sure you would have seen either the first or the second show already.
So yeah, all I can say about is the dancing is awesome!
The moment we exited the cinema some of the guys were so hyped up, they started dancing...
Yep that high...

Apparently he very good looking wor..
cause when he came on Dila was going on on about him. 
Why all the guys in Step Up almost like same look one?

Synopsis - Moose goes to college but is torn between his studying major plus his best friend and dancing, while The Pirates dance group is brought ever closer together when a rival dance group, challenges them and threatens to send them all packing to the streets.

My Review - Well, like I said, the dancing is awesome! Sadly the screening wasn't in 3D cause you can totally tell it was made for it with all the close up shots. Sadly I find that all the Step Up movies have the EXACT same storyline. Guy and girl both dance, fall in love then they will win THE BIGGEST dance competition. How many biggest competitions are there? Still not a bad movie. 

I Rate Thee - 7/10 

Anyways, for all of you out there who hasn't seen the trailer yet, here it is!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

When cockroaches get a drinking song

This was pretty random. 
Was watching the documentary on NatGeo on cockroaches,
made me think of my friend who was scared of it,
then made me think of a theme song for them creepy crawlies.

Roaches, roaches crawling all over,
Roaches, roaches spawning all over,
Creepy crawlies,
Red and furry,
Giving you hell,
Wherever they can. 

Feeling all these emotions inside,

makes me wonder how differently the world would be without them.
All the pain and suffering,
all the anger and tears.
Makes me question every decision I have done,
every step I have took.
Perhaps I have missed a turn,
perhaps I have not.
With every passing smile I see,
I do wonder whether fate can be. 
Decisions decisions....

Garden @ Curve

Okay well this was a while back, during the Expendables Screening...
Went with Evelyn since she like always damn free and lives nearby ^^
thank you for temaning~

Anyways we went to makan at Garden first before the movie.
Obviously the very nice decorations was an attraction le with the the fake flowers and stuff

Honestly only the look is nice le, food is okay only and it is expensive
More for like just sitting down and chill with a few drinks. Cannot refill some more. Go sit in Chillis better...
The menu has all sorts of weird stuff like what flower is the month you are born and stuff like that. Maybe its to distract you from the price....

Food - Just soso, nothing special about it. Portions are a bit smaller than expected. 

Price - Kinda expensive with small portions with average tasting food. Drinks no refill..boooo

Service - Kinda bad, served food without cutleries, then took us a while to get the bill. It wasn't even rush hour. tsk tsk


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vampire Suck Review

Thank you Nuffnang for giving me the passes. ^^

Yes well finally they did a spoof on vampires since they are so over-rated right now. 
Like that day I walked into Borders and almost all the Young Adult books are on vampires. 
Over capitalized don't you think?

Synopsis - Becca moves in with her dad only to find out that there is something weird going on around town. Even though it is very obvious, it takes her half the movie to find out. She falls for Edward Sullen and is given the task to stop Edward from being killed. 

My Review - The movie actually sucks. Watch the trailer and you would pretty much would see all the funny parts already. There isn't really a plot to it and well it is quite simply to say, plain dumb. Its if some drunk anti Twilight fans got together to write it. 

I rate thee - 3/10

Here is the trailer. Well most of the show at least. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sony TX5 Underwater

Okay I know the review has already been written but since I lacked the underwater pics here are some!
Went to my friend's place to splash around and try the camera out.

If you are thinking that the pictures would turn out bad underwater, you are very wrong my friend.
Perhaps it would in murky water or like some not so well maintained pools.

Damn clear lor!!
See can camwhore underwater! XD
I like the blue-ish feel of the pictures. 

Since I'm not endorsed by SONY, I can tell you this. After swimming with the camera, a little of the paint came off. I am not sure whether it was the water or it was friction from the pouch I keep it in. I would still have expected better paint quality from SONY. 
Also it hanged halfway through the underwater experience. 
Living up to their reputation of being over-rated? 
Hell yea.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Laptop speakers problem,,,

Okay sorry haven't been updating..
laptop has been acting up...think its the flu season or something...

My laptop is currently having this problem,
the speakers are playing even after I have plugged in a headphone/external speakers.

Anyone with a solution?
Please feel free to contact me or drop a comment.

Thank You

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Light Drawing, take 1

This is a very simple way. All you need is a DSLR, a dark room and a torch light.
Only sucky thing is that you have to either write backwards or use a program to mirror it.

I only managed to write my initials cause well, you are limited to a few seconds only.
So this is how you do it.

  1. Set your camera to Shutter Priority/ TV and place it on a tripod or on a table.
  2. Set the shutter to about 10 to 15 seconds. Point the camera at the space you are gonna write in.
  3. Focus on the area. Make sure you have lots of room.
  4. Off the lights, press the shutter and go to the spot and switch ON your torchlight.
  5. Start writing and do it quick!
  6. When you hear the shutter close, on the lights and check the picture out. 
  7. * Make sure its a pretty dark room or else you would see your own figure.  
    That's about it. If you have a wide lens, use it. Bigger space for you to write.


    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    SNSD Cooky Cf

    Okay I'm pretty sure this ain't like BOOM new...
    but yea, sorry la I addicted...

    Cooky hey hey, cooky hey hey~

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Milo shirts & dog tags


    On this very day, about the same time of day, 4 teens decided to have an adventure.
    A very random adventure.

    Well it was technically me, Kaivin, Meili and HueyShan. We had this random day out.
    It started at ML's house. Since she has loads of Milo shirts, we took one each.
    After that we wore it to KLCC to have waffles for lunch. Random much?
    I know but it goes on even further...
    After that we went to JJ Setiawangsa to play the arcade, thought of buying dog tags and eventually ended up at A&W for root beer. 
    No its not over, from here, we drove to the lrt, took the lrt then the monorail to sg.wang to engrave our dogtags.
    Then we walked around and left back for ML's place. 

    Yes, well that was how the Milo Dogtag Gang started. We even have our own theme song. XD
    Anyways, the only sad thing is that during our little adventure, a few of our other friends have already left like Chester and Melissa.

    So honoring the date that we made the dog tags, I decided to write this post.
    17-08-09 is what's written behind our tags and I'm happy that we did it.


    Miss my high school friends...

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    Sony TX5. My review

    Okay so about a week after fumbling with the Sony TX5. I have come up with a conclusion.
    • Sony did not only come up with a good digital camera, they came up with an Idiot-Proof, fully buffed up camera.

       So here are the basic few features of this camera from Sony.
      • Waterproof, Dust proof, Freeze proof and Shock Proof.
      • 3.0" wide touch screen
      • 4x optical zoom
      • "Exmor R" sensor
      • iSweep Panarama
      • 10 frames per second at full 10.2 megapixels
      For a basic camera user, this is a great camera. You would love how easy it is to use. How there are loads of settings for you to play with like the High Iso, Night Scene, Gourmet, Snow, Underwater and many more. Like me, you would be smiling like some small kid on Christmas.

      Sunday, August 15, 2010

      Water droplets and a camera

      Well that day I read an article on how to snap pictures of water droplets at home
      since it wasn't that complicated, I decided to try it out...
      My first time doing this...

      Clearly I was wrong..
      turned out tougher than I thought...
      but still got some of the shots I wanted

      This was how I did it
      1. Tape a plastic bag to a table then filled it with water.
      2. Place a colored bowl or cup filled almost full with water.
      3. Poke a small hole in the plastic bag and let it drop into the cup.
      4. Camera set to Shutter mode and set to 1/250, F8,ISO 200 and ON flash or external.
      5. Wait for the droplet to fall and snap when you think its there. 
      6. Be patient.
      7. Have a dry clothe around. Since DSLR not that water proof.  
      8. Snap a lot. I snapped like 80+ pics? Have fun. 
      * I didn't look through the viewfinder while doing this, I just placed it in position and looked at the drops from the bag. 
        Finding the focus point is pretty tough, so good luck with that.

        ** Here's a tip from IsmailAmir who also did some water droplet pics
        • Place a pen at where the drops hit the water, auto focus, then switch to manual. Hope it helps!

          Friday, August 13, 2010

          The Expendables screening and review

          Obviously this would be one of the biggest movie we have been waiting for and trust me it did not disappoint.  Thanks to Nuffnang, I got to watch it a little earlier than everybody else. Action rate - 10/10
          Damn this show is loud! Rocks tho~

          After so many floppy movies, I'm pretty sure we all needed something big, something that we were all familiar with.
          The old school way of rock hard abs, camera angles and just movie magic.
          The Expendables brings back good memories of characters we thought were gone like Rambo, John McClane, Terminator and the rest of the big guns.
          This show brings them all back.

          If you still haven't heard of the movie yet, here is the trailer.

          Synopsis - Barney Ross and his crew takes up a job which was stated as "into hell and out again". They pack up and marched into hell with their big guns and bombs. Action rate - 10/10

          My Review - Okay clearly the show doesn't really have a plot to it, thus my very short synopsis. I couldn't think of anything besides raw action scenes, big guns and explosions. A lot of explosions. From what I saw was Rambo fell in love with a girl who was in trouble. So his crew of other big names comes along to play. Yep, that is about it but screw that. I loved the show! It really was old school with all the camera angles, explosions and rock hard abs with brute strength. It definitely is a guy's feel good movie. What did you expect from a Stallone directed movie? Action rate - 10/10. Yes I wrote that down 3 times.

          I rate thee - 8/10. The action scenes makes up for the storyline.

          random -

          Thursday, August 12, 2010

          "lets go watch Inception! again..."

          Yesh, a few days back while I was happily dead on bed and dreaming,
          Zuken called and asked wanna just chill and watch Inception, again..yes lifeless people do that...

          Anyways, chilling chilling at Carl's Junior and then movie lu. That's about it.
          But this was also the first time I took the TX5 out for a spin.

          Here are some of the pics.

          Not bad for normal usage. The gourmet feature on the camera ain't much tho..
          blup blup~

          Wednesday, August 11, 2010

          Grind my gears - Indicators, use them

          Yesh, I took this line from Family Guy and I like it.

          These days people drive around without using the indicator and it is freaking annoying!
          Cars would suddenly just swerve out onto your lane and you would be braking like hell just to avoid that bugger.
          Plus when at a junction, you would be waiting like hell thinking the guy is going to go straight, suddenly he/she turns, making you wait for nothing.

          For Gods sake, didn't these people learn to use the indicators when learning to drive?
          Don't they know it was put there for a reason? They paid for it when they bought the car. So why not use it?
          It saves lives and it reduces accidents.

          Here's my logic to it. If you can use your hands to wank, I'm pretty sure you can use it to indicate.
          Signal moron!
          Grinds my gears....

          Tuesday, August 10, 2010

          Fighting Umbrella Corporation.

          Well the long awaited Resident Evil sequel is finally out again! and this time it's in 3D!!
          So you can expect flying bullets and sticks coming at your direction. So cunted right?!
          Some more both the main actresses damn hots!!!

          I'm sure many guys love the fact of two hot chicks with guns. 


          Okay so if I was to bring down Umbrella Corporation, I would not mind being either Alice or Claire cause both of them can kick butt hard!! Plus both of them are so boom boom pow in the last movie. All those action scenes, "mind blasting".

          The first order of business would be to stop Umbrella Corp. from making more clones and since all their security and scientist always seem so evil, I shall feed them to the big hordes of zombies waiting outside. Kidnap them when they are asleep, bind them and silence them, then sneak them into vents out to the waiting zombies. A fully fed zombie is a happy zombie. After all the small fries have been taken care of, I would focus my attention to that main guy. That dude in the shades walking around in the show. I would not just shoot him or stab him but would give him a slow and painful death. A death by a spoon. I would stalk him and hit him with a spoon continuously, just as the video below. Good inspiration, that video. Since survivors can be counted with 5 fingers, he would go totally insane before dying. I mean no one can survive being alone in a land filled with zombies and a constant rain of blows from a spoon. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Whoop-de-doo

          Enjoy folks!