Friday, August 6, 2010

Headrest, that is one cool feature.

Recently I was flipping through the local paper and eventually ended at the classified section.
Boys being boys, I flipped to the car section and started going through the car prices..

I love the fact that some poor fellas who bought some local cars are trying to sell them while making them sound cool.
"look mom, its a head rest"

Usually you would see accident free and single owner and all that but with local cars it goes head rest, seat belts and fuel injection.

Who the hell comes up with these?
The day local car manufacturers decided to include head rest and seat belts in our cars, foreign companies had ABS and airbags. Worst still, one of the local companies owns a sports car company. That's a bloody insult.
Its like saying we would fit dogs instead of horses into your engine. Dog power. Makes your engine go Grrrrrr...

Oh and the marketing people here must think we are idiots. Usually they would sell a car, after 2 years include a face lift to it to sell more cars, then come out with a new model. Local car companies are a lil different, they would sell the car, face lift it then paint it in another colour, stick some stickers on it and sell it again saying that it is a totally different car.
If you look at it differently, its like saying we shall take this cat and say its an elephant then sell it.

Damn I love the mentality here.

Of course that's just me.

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