Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Yeap! The 12-Year wait is finally over for Starcraft fans. Released on July 27th, 2010, 'Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty' became a worldwide hit for PC Gamers. The production cost of the game, according to the Wall Street Journal, hovers around a mind-blowing $100 Million. The game comes in 2 given choices, the Regular Edition, which includes the CD, manual, and several trial cards for both Starcraft 2, and World of Warcraft. Second would be the Collector's Edition, which includes all of the Regular's, Art Book, Soundtrack CD, Behind-the-scene's DVD, Starcraft Comic, Exclusive Downloadable Content, Exclusive World Of Warcraft pet, and Jim Raynor's Dog Tag USB including the original Starcraft.

This post would cover my point of view on the game. I got mine on the 2nd day of it's release, thanks to my friend Edward, who waited half his life for the game's release. Anywho, I've spent several countless hours over the course of 5 days, finishing the Campaign(which you could only play as Terrans, and on some occasions, Protos). And from that, I would give some insight on the graphics, in-game experience, and it's story.

Graphics.. is.. Insane bro! No, not really, but most of it, yes. Even to the littlest detail of reflections and lil notches were a feature. The game on Ultra setting, beats any Strategy game out there, hands down. The picture below shows a comparison between Low and Ultra setting. Look at the details!

And below is my favorite cinematic in the game. Set it to HD.

Honestly though, I think Kerrigan is pretty hot for a infected Zerg being. Anyways, if you're interested on how she became the Queen of Blades in HD, go to this link:


In-Game Experience
& Story

*Mini-Spoiler Alert*
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****Mini-Spoiler Alert****


The missions were cool. Very very strategic. You're at times given choices to choose between options which would impact the game, like, what unit's you'll be using, what upgrades, what outcome. In addition to that, the credit system is cool as well. You'll need them for upgrades and hiring mercenaries. Between missions, you're given the chance to talk to other NPC's, do all your upgrades, know further about the story, and then select your next mission, which I say is pretty cool compared to Warcraft and Red Alert, the 2 big dogs of the strategy game world.

Now, story, I was really amazed. As mentioned somewhere above, you only get to play the Terrans(Humans) for Wings of Liberty. You'll start off as being Jim Raynor's Raiders, a revolutionary group seeking to bring down the Dominion empire, 'cause of Emperor Mengsk, a ruthless and inconsiderate ruler, responsible for Kerrigan becoming the Queen of Blades. The story progresses on from being a rebel, to choosing to save or destroy a colony, to free or assassinate, seeing the future, and saving Jim Raynor's old love and shooting your old buddy in the head.

The game isn't like most of the typical games out there where you sit for just a few hours and you beat it. This game, would leave you sitting in front of your screen for hours/days. Trust me on that. I was never a Starcraft fan before this, was more of a Warcraft. But after this, whoo.. When's the next expansion?

Battle.net Overview:

It's a little summary, but you'd have to play it to know. Nothing much left for me to say, but all I can say is, it's the best game I've played this year.

Don't trust me?


Play it to Believe it!


  1. hoping to get my hands on it soon! =)

  2. Great game! what league are you in?

  3. Ken: you wont regret it.
    Fakhruddin: None yet. Been to busy trying to get the achievements in Campaign mode.

  4. Fakhruddin: Platinum