Thursday, August 5, 2010

Venezia, Bukit Segar

Its a Italian restaurant very nearby Leisure mall.
I am guessing it's a family business and that the owner really is Italian.

Its quite a cozy place to have your meal. Gives off a pretty relaxed vibe.
The people there are friendly too.
Doesn't have the crappy taste like some restaurants do.
You can reserve a table but usually there would be a free table.

Food - Not bad, it is definitely better than those local restaurants serving Italian food and apparently their Lasagna is homemade. The lasagna I had was very cheesy. Good sign.

Price - Price is reasonable. Some dishes are bigger and some are small. Price range would be around RM15 to 25.

Service - As mentioned since its a family business, service is definitely better but service time would be a little slow. Keep in mind, since it's not a fast food place, give them sometime to cook your food.

Location - Just follow the signboards towards Taman Segar at Cheras. While on the way up the hill, you should see it at the shops on your left.

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