Sunday, August 29, 2010

Starbucks Instant Coffee

Okay well Starbucks came out with their instant coffee line a few months back and by luck,
Chester (the guest blogger of this blog),
sent some to me! So nice of him horrr

Means my coffee fly from the Starbucks factory, then to wherever he bought it then fly again to Malaysia.
Those nuts got more fly time than my nuts for this year. damnnn
Since this review is nothing about my nuts, lets move on...

So well apparently Starbucks claimed that the instant coffee is so fresh, regular Starbucks drinkers wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Here is a short video of that.


Well let me explain. I tried the Instant Iced Coffee from Starbucks a few nights back, its tastes EXACTLY like those you can get from a Kopitiam. (cheaper version of a coffee shop in Malaysia).
So my conclusion for it was Iced Coffee = Iced Kopi-O
Worst part of it was, cause the Kopi-o is made at the spot, it sorta tastes better. jengjengjenggggg

So there you go, the next time your friend wants to buy you Starbucks Instant Coffee, request for their Frappacino flavor if they have it...XDD

I grew up drinking coffee and I'm really curious, I've got friends who have never tried coffee besides Starbucks or Coffee Bean. hmm
They must be rich~

Signing off~


  1. Hmm... you ought to let your nuts join the other nuts! :D

  2. Only in America. How's the Colombia Roast? It's the lightest of the instant coffees..

  3. To be honest I never rated Starbucks for coffee, I find the only way i can get a great cup of coffee is to grind my own beans and filter it, I like strong smell of coffee as well as a rich coffee taste, most coffee in malaysia smells ok but laking in taste.

    But thanks for up on this one.


  4. Evelyn - leave my nuts alone please

    John - You're welcome. Agreed on the own brew thing. Definitely better.