Sunday, August 15, 2010

Water droplets and a camera

Well that day I read an article on how to snap pictures of water droplets at home
since it wasn't that complicated, I decided to try it out...
My first time doing this...

Clearly I was wrong..
turned out tougher than I thought...
but still got some of the shots I wanted

This was how I did it
  1. Tape a plastic bag to a table then filled it with water.
  2. Place a colored bowl or cup filled almost full with water.
  3. Poke a small hole in the plastic bag and let it drop into the cup.
  4. Camera set to Shutter mode and set to 1/250, F8,ISO 200 and ON flash or external.
  5. Wait for the droplet to fall and snap when you think its there. 
  6. Be patient.
  7. Have a dry clothe around. Since DSLR not that water proof.  
  8. Snap a lot. I snapped like 80+ pics? Have fun. 
* I didn't look through the viewfinder while doing this, I just placed it in position and looked at the drops from the bag. 
    Finding the focus point is pretty tough, so good luck with that.

    ** Here's a tip from IsmailAmir who also did some water droplet pics
    • Place a pen at where the drops hit the water, auto focus, then switch to manual. Hope it helps!


      1. haha maybe i should try one day too lol.
        everyone seems to be doing it -.-

      2. i found a pretty reliable way to focus.
        use a pen and dip it in the exact point where the water is dropping from. focus on the point in autofocus. after you've locked the focus, switch to manual focus and fire away :)

      3. Dila - Haha maybe you should! its kinda fun...sorta..okay not really

        Xiaopei - thank you~~

        Ismail - Yea, after i thought about it, putting something there for it to focus hit me as well. Thanks for the tip!

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