Monday, August 30, 2010

5 things I learned with my DSLR

Ever since I got my DSLR a few months back,
I have learned a lot from friends and the net but the few most important would be the 5 listed.

  1. Always carry your camera around - You did buy the camera for a reason. So use it! Bring it around. I've missed quite a number of shots cause I didn't feel like bringing it around. If you think that a DSLR is too big and chunky for you, then aim for something smaller, a Lumix GX1 or a Sony NEX3 perhaps.
  2. Use other modes besides AUTO - Well you did get a DSLR camera for a reason, so why not move away from Auto and to the other modes before eventually ending up with the Manual modes. There are loads to learn and it is pretty fun. 
  3. Never shoot with a bright backlight - This is a pretty general rule. Unless you are going for a silhouette shot, the picture will most likely turn out not what you want it. With the subject dark and the background bright. 
  4. Try not using the flash - With all the new High Iso options with the cameras, try using it instead of a flash. It would give the picture more ambiance and mood. Just keep in mind that, the higher the Iso the higher the picture noise. 
  5. Be patient - Take your time with the shot you are about to snap. Cause if you rush it through, it may either turn out blur or it may not capture the moment. Wait for it but not for too long. 
Hope it helps~


  1. I've taught you well.... ^_^


  2. try strobist, creative lighting. The world's most popular technique how to use off-camera flash.

  3. nicely put. But on no 1 rule, I failed. lols

  4. Mr Nyox - Yeah I do check trobist out occasionally. good tips and pointers

    Nana - hahaha no worries, I break that rule too

  5. Im proud to say that I too, have broken that rule, but only about 10 days in a year... hehe....

    Hey justin, I just want to say thanks for giving me inspiration. I'm about to start a series of post based on this post of yours. ^_^

  6. My dslr reviews with your tips.. lol

    1. Seriously its bulky and heavy for girls.
    2. i do use the AV function and others too , depends on what im capturing.
    3. hmmmm .. nvr think of that .. winks
    4. flash will make the whole picture ruin sometimes ..
    5. im not a patient person .. lols :P

    Nice post :)