Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Malaysia's Greenest Mall Educates Shoppers on Sustainability.

Selangor, March 21, 2013 
Setia City Mall, the first mall in Malaysia to be awarded both the Green Mark Gold Award by the Singapore’s Building Construction Authority (BCA) and the Malaysian Green Building Index’s (GBI) provisional silver certification, has launched the ‘Love Green, Begin’, campaign in support of Earth Hour. The initiative aims to educate shoppers on the importance of sustainability in a fun way and to provide a platform for the shoppers to understand how the sustainability features implemented in the mall has helped it reduce its carbon footprint.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 hour energy crash

Hello readers!

Okay okay I know, I haven't been keeping to my word of keeping this blog updated. But I sorta have my reasons. Plattsburgh ain't a very big place and well, unless I start writing about my lunch or the daily dramas, then I don't really have much to talk about anymore. The biggest event would be from my uni and the biggest drinking thing would prolly be a pub downtown. So yea...

So in the States, energy drinks is a pretty big thing. Besides RB, there is a whole list of other brands which claims the exact same thing - more energy. But one of the more popular ones is 5 Hour energy. Its a tiny little bottle which apparently would give you hours of energy without the "crash" people usually get. This bugs me because I know people who drinks it and they crash. Of course I know that everyone is different but to claim drinking it does not make you feel like crap after using it should be applied to everyone.

So here is just a quick shout out to all the readers who drink it. Take it in moderation if you do. There was a death case from drinking too much of it. Below are some links to the issue mentioned above.


I guess that was all I would have liked to ramble with.
Next post soon. Hopefully, if I get my homework down.

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