Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 hour energy crash

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Okay okay I know, I haven't been keeping to my word of keeping this blog updated. But I sorta have my reasons. Plattsburgh ain't a very big place and well, unless I start writing about my lunch or the daily dramas, then I don't really have much to talk about anymore. The biggest event would be from my uni and the biggest drinking thing would prolly be a pub downtown. So yea...

So in the States, energy drinks is a pretty big thing. Besides RB, there is a whole list of other brands which claims the exact same thing - more energy. But one of the more popular ones is 5 Hour energy. Its a tiny little bottle which apparently would give you hours of energy without the "crash" people usually get. This bugs me because I know people who drinks it and they crash. Of course I know that everyone is different but to claim drinking it does not make you feel like crap after using it should be applied to everyone.

So here is just a quick shout out to all the readers who drink it. Take it in moderation if you do. There was a death case from drinking too much of it. Below are some links to the issue mentioned above.

I guess that was all I would have liked to ramble with.
Next post soon. Hopefully, if I get my homework down.

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