Sunday, November 28, 2010

Be careful of your belongings. A friendly community service reminder. XD

Okay this happened around me and I didn't even noticed it.

I was at Mc.donalds eating with a friend and it was around 4 something so it was pretty empty and slow,
2 guys walked in, flopped their bags on the table and went to order.
About 5 minutes later, one of the guy goes "excuse me, have you seen my bag".
Apparently he lost his bag with his laptop in it but on the same table, there is another bag there.

The person who stole the bag, switched it and left an empty bag there, then he walked away.

So please please please be careful of your belongings.
Have someone to watch over your belongings and help the person order as well.
At least there is someone at the table.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SNSD Jessica / Ice Princess Wallpapers Part 2

Okay, another post to feed all you Jessica fans out there.
If you haven't checked out part 1 yet, here it is.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gran Turismo 5

It's finally here! The long awaited Gran Turismo 5 has finally been released after 6 years of waiting. And yes, being the petrol head I am, I've got it.. the Collector's Edition =) This review wont cover all of the game just because, there is way too much to cover.

The pack includes:

*Gran Turismo® 5 game

*Exclusive limited edition 1:43 scale diecast 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V with custom Gran Turismo livery designed by Polyphony Digital, produced by well-known collectible car maker Kyosho

*In-depth 300-page car-lover’s guide written by the experts at Polyphony Digital, covering everything from the history of the modern automobile to driving techniques and game reference material

*Custom etched Gran Turismo key chain

*Voucher for five (5) exclusive high-end cars(Including the Lamborghini Murchielago LP640 Chrome Line Edition =D) with custom Gran Turismo livery and performance upgrades

*Numbered certificate of authenticity

*Custom collector’s packaging

The Game
I would say its pretty damn good. 1031 cars, 75 tracks. Graphics was improved from the Prologue, smoke effects are better, weather and time effects are now available as well. Having played the game for a total of about only 5 hours, I noticed that the cars now handle slightly sharper than before. You can feel it, I don't know how to describe it, but you could.

A 'Course Maker' feature is available, allowing you to custom make your own track and race around it with AIs and/or friends.

GT Mode
Basically 'Single Player' mode. In this mode, there are 2 Specs. A Spec, which is you racing to unlock race events and leveling up to buy cars, yes now there's level requirement. B Spec is like an RPG, yes a racing RPG! You'll be in the paddock, giving instructions to your driver to pace down, maintain pace, pace up and overtake. Decisions will affect your driver's strength and mental ability. You could also see all the times distances between cars.

In addition to that, there's also options to tune your car, do maintenance(yes, the more your drive, it'll affect your performance, so maintain it) practice, race in special events, earn driver licenses, and many more.

Oh and since I have the exclusive McLaren F1 with me since I bought my game off Gamestop, every race up to now have been a breeze 'cause the AI's of the low level races are using Daihatsu's and other junky cars. =)

A lounge is where you could meet up with other Playstation Network friends. There, you could chat, as well as hold race sessions of up to I think 12 players.

It's a complex yet unique system which was developed by the Gran Turismo crew which allows the player to manage his/her experience instead of just racing, tuning and buying like previous GT's. Race experience is much more realistic. You can actually tell when your car is going to kill you if you push an inch more gas, that's if you're decent enough to figure out when. If you want to know more, GET THE GAME!

My dream car, the Lamborghini Murchielago can't turn to save a life =( They should have given it superb handling.

Featuring the Stig's Communist Cousin! Sorry about the clip quality.
Me test driving the McLaren F1 on the Suzuka Circuit.

Me making sloppy donuts with the AC Shelby Cobra at the Daytona track.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Praise the God of Parking

Okay I know beliefs sometimes is just a total crap.
But is case it is totally different.
Call it luck or power of the universe,
I totally personally believe that there is a God for Parking.

Every time right before I reach my destination, I ask for parking, then tadaaaa
parking...waaa so magical.*bows bows pray pray*

Try it out for fun, you might just be as lucky as well. *wink wink*

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Because numbers just doesn't really matter.

Being a blogger and all, I'm sure many people would understand what I would be going on about.
From the moments of beginning this blog, I have always worried about my daily blog traffic.
Is it high enough?
Not enough readers for today.
This week unique visitors are so low...

I remember I was once told a while back that blogging ain't about the number of visitors instead it is about passion.
Passion for the things you write about. The joy of writing and eventually the joy of being heard.
I know it kinda sucks when you write your heart out and only 20 people viewed it, so what?
You finally released all that pressure that was bursting to come out. Good for you!
On to the next gossip..

Technically, what I am saying is, don't worry so much about traffic.
The blog is yours and if people like what you write about, they will come back.
It is always better to have loyal readers than random strangers dropping by asking you to visit them back.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grind My Gears - Lack of Attention Bullies.

Today, I personally felt how it was like being the victim of a LOA person.
What is a LOA? My personal definition would be - A person who likes attention but does not manage to be in the center of attention, so the person would do anything to be back there again.

If I am not mistaken, there is a personality disorder for such symptoms.
Anyways, I know that its not a very big deal and all being bullied since it happens so constantly that we neglect the issue. Even worst is that, me being the wallflower in most cases, usually wouldn't be the target.

After going through it, I don't like it. I have a personal quote of how we are all sadistic people, cause we thrive on the pain of others. This is no different. I wouldn't even want to imagine kids younger than me being mentally tortured by all these other kids, like what? Gossip. Its like a nuclear bomb without any physical damage. Furthermore, young kids like to isolate and gossip just as much as adults do. I was there I know. Just cause you are a little different, you would get nicknames and be jeered at.

Omg I'm really ranting...
Back to the point, if you want attention, don't find it from the pain of others but find it from the achievements of yourself. 

Grinds my gears...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The new Proton Inspira

Okay okay, so proton re-badged the Mitsubishi Lancer. Still depends on how you look at it, either Mitsubishi did a wrong move or people can have this car for a cheaper price.
Only Proton doesn't have the best track record around, at all, for whatever reasons.

Anyways, won't know it till we have tried it right?
I guess I would test drive it when its available.
Till then, here is a short clip of fun about it.

The Proton Inspira was officially launched on 10th of November.

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Samsung GalaxyS Review

Okay. For anyone interested in the GS, I'm pretty sure you already know, its either this or the iPhone 4. For malaysians that is. I know there are like Droids and Evos overseas but since we don't have that option that la..sad case

Anyways, I recently got the GS and before I got it, I was forced to choose between the 2 and after a lot of research and reviews and people's opinions I got the GS instead.

Both phones are very evenly matched. In some areas, one would have the upper hand but in the end everything evens out. Enough said, here is what I really think should be mentioned about the GS.

  • The screen is definitely the brighter one and all but when under direct sunlight, with the brightness at full blast, it is still a little difficult to see. 
  • The battery life under normal usage would last about 1 and a half days but if you have a data plan running, it would be less than a day. Bring that charger around. 
  • The option of putting the speakers behind is stupid. If you have the phone on its back, sound levels drop by 50%. When you place it screen down first, then it is freaking loud. 
  • The phone would lag under multi tasking but of course which phone wouldn't. My sis has the iP4 and it lags as well. So that's even as well. There is a fix for it tho which requires it to be Rooted. 
  • The front facing camera is VGA. Which is 1.3mp? For placing so much muscle in this phone, the FF camera would be one of the saddest part of the phone. 
  • I thought that the lack of apps would not affect me but after using it for a while, it hit me that the only things that are missing are mostly games. XD
  • Made of plastic but luckily high grade plastic which is quick scratch proof, luckily. 

Of course with all the bad, there must be perks to this phone. 
  • You get this huge ass screen to yourself, and damn it feels good. HD games and vids. Who wouldn't love it? Plus the Super Amoled screen is more power efficient. 
  • You can just drag and drop files without a care in the world or go through all the hells of iTunes. Mount the phone and viola. 
  • No need for jailbreaking and unlocking. It is great on stock but if you want a really smooth phone best to Root it. 
  • Free apps, most of it at least. Just that they come with ads. But they can be totally ignored.
  • The bluetooth connects to everything. I know there are apps for the iPhone for the bluetooth, but for the GS, it is a native feature. Just that remember to set the Appear to devices in the settings. 
  • The GS has a back button and menu button. I like it. 
  • It has a notification bar from the top with easy access to wifi, bluetooth, GPS, Silent Mode and Auto Rotation. It also allows you to change screen brightness as well. Kinda nifty actually. Quick access. 
  • It is notably lighter than the iPhone. Very obvious weight difference.
  • General MicroUSB adapter. Since it is more popular these days in the newer phones, definitely a smart move. 
I would have to say, this is a great phone to have for a person who doesn't want the hassles from Apple. If you don't mind it then well pick whichever. Many other options as well with the same 1ghz processor.

My final verdict - If you ignore everything I wrote above, both phones could be called twins. One the bigger one, one the clearer skin complextion one.  Really depends on which you like better. If you don't like to fiddle around, you know the Iphone is easier but if you like to fiddle around, have more control of your phone, more compatibility, pick the SGS. 


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Girl's Generation / SNSD Tiffany Wallpapers Part 1

Having Fanny fever?
I am! XDD
Anyways here are some of Tiffany's wallpapers!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

BenQ Malaysia Laptop Service Review

Yes, like I have said before, I can review about practically anything.
What to do I like talk? Or in this case write.

Recently my BenQ S57 Joybook - laptop had some problems with it which was

  • the battery did not charge even after I inserted it into the laptop.
  • the audio output jack was faulty. The speakers would not stop even after connecting headphones
So since my laptop is still under warranty, I called them up. I would admit I had some trouble finding exactly who to talk to since I was bounced around a lot.
In the end, I got a worker's email which proved to be the best solution.
Just emailed her my receipt and told her my problems. Since under warranty the courier service was free. Thank god.
Then they came, picked it up and repaired it within 2 weeks. Not bad I would say. 
I did receive a call from the technician tho, cause they did not understand the explanation I did on the email. wth?
All in all, my baby is back with a new Motherboard and she(laptop) is healthier than ever.

My Review - Service could have been better. I like the fact that they did not give me too much trouble but still not being to comprehend my email of problems is not a good point. Good point was, they called to clarify. The after sales service ain't that bad, just harder to find than usual and of course they do try to make you do most of the work. Still not as bad as I have heard of being a "china man style" service. 

I rate thee - 6/10

Monday, November 1, 2010

PapaGo! X5 for Android Phones.

Okay so recently, I've got a new phone and its android.
Will write a review for it later.
Anyways I've apparently found a free GPS app for Malaysia and Singapore roads.
The app installs well and all but i'm still having trouble getting the maps.
It's downloading as I type. I downloaded some other map which didin really work with the app. Sadly.

Anyways, any Android people out there who wants to try it, here's the download link.

To get the app, just go to the app Market and search for papago.
Papago SEA maps

Will update this post on whether i succeed or not.

I managed to get it working!! Not under trial either.
I am a happy boy!

Okay, its a not bad app for you to play around with as they have provided the trial version but if you want the full map, then a lot of digging on the net has to be done.