Thursday, November 4, 2010

BenQ Malaysia Laptop Service Review

Yes, like I have said before, I can review about practically anything.
What to do I like talk? Or in this case write.

Recently my BenQ S57 Joybook - laptop had some problems with it which was

  • the battery did not charge even after I inserted it into the laptop.
  • the audio output jack was faulty. The speakers would not stop even after connecting headphones
So since my laptop is still under warranty, I called them up. I would admit I had some trouble finding exactly who to talk to since I was bounced around a lot.
In the end, I got a worker's email which proved to be the best solution.
Just emailed her my receipt and told her my problems. Since under warranty the courier service was free. Thank god.
Then they came, picked it up and repaired it within 2 weeks. Not bad I would say. 
I did receive a call from the technician tho, cause they did not understand the explanation I did on the email. wth?
All in all, my baby is back with a new Motherboard and she(laptop) is healthier than ever.

My Review - Service could have been better. I like the fact that they did not give me too much trouble but still not being to comprehend my email of problems is not a good point. Good point was, they called to clarify. The after sales service ain't that bad, just harder to find than usual and of course they do try to make you do most of the work. Still not as bad as I have heard of being a "china man style" service. 

I rate thee - 6/10


  1. The main problems I've been having are people constantly asking me how I'm finding it and if i like it. Also my iPhone feels small and less useful now...

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