Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Because numbers just doesn't really matter.

Being a blogger and all, I'm sure many people would understand what I would be going on about.
From the moments of beginning this blog, I have always worried about my daily blog traffic.
Is it high enough?
Not enough readers for today.
This week unique visitors are so low...

I remember I was once told a while back that blogging ain't about the number of visitors instead it is about passion.
Passion for the things you write about. The joy of writing and eventually the joy of being heard.
I know it kinda sucks when you write your heart out and only 20 people viewed it, so what?
You finally released all that pressure that was bursting to come out. Good for you!
On to the next gossip..

Technically, what I am saying is, don't worry so much about traffic.
The blog is yours and if people like what you write about, they will come back.
It is always better to have loyal readers than random strangers dropping by asking you to visit them back.

1 comment:

  1. I second to that !

    I prefer loyal readers than strangers reading my blog !

    It is for my friends and family after all.


    Spoken like a true blogger. Keep it up !!