Sunday, November 28, 2010

Be careful of your belongings. A friendly community service reminder. XD

Okay this happened around me and I didn't even noticed it.

I was at Mc.donalds eating with a friend and it was around 4 something so it was pretty empty and slow,
2 guys walked in, flopped their bags on the table and went to order.
About 5 minutes later, one of the guy goes "excuse me, have you seen my bag".
Apparently he lost his bag with his laptop in it but on the same table, there is another bag there.

The person who stole the bag, switched it and left an empty bag there, then he walked away.

So please please please be careful of your belongings.
Have someone to watch over your belongings and help the person order as well.
At least there is someone at the table.


  1. wow thanks for reminding. I always did that in mcd

  2. np, i also always do it,
    not gonna be doing it tho..