Monday, May 31, 2010

Photography Pictures. Finally....

Finally it has arrived on this blog.
There aren't many pictures presentable to you guys.
So I had to pick the few that I think you guys will like. Hopefully...

One of my first pictures.

That's it for now, well presentable ones at least. 
Hope you enjoyed it. 

Coming Soon! >> SNSD Special on Live Power Music.

Hip Korean Life

I was watching all the korean music videos and a question came to me..

Why are korean songs so emo but the music video is so hip and with so much clubbing scenes??
They make it look as if I'm lifeless compared to their fighting high schools, clubbing nights and chill out scenes.

So yea, check it out if you are interested.

Coming soon! >> My photography pics. Which is like finally, let me collect them all up and post them up when I done. Maybe tomorrow.

Enjoy the songs!




Sunday, May 30, 2010

Understanding Life in 10 Minutes.

One of my friends shared this video with me and I would like to share it with all of you.
It is 10 minutes long but I promise it will not be a waste of time. 

It sheds light on social problems and family problems.
I find that this video do not only apply to the States but to almost everyone around the world.

Opera Mini on PSP

Ever browsed the internet on the PSP, if you say its a pain in the ass then I would totally agree.
Its slow, very slow, even worst is when there are pictures or java on the page.

Well fret no more! As I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Opera Mini for PSP.
Ok so technically, the browser is for phones but some smart fella out there figured to fuse them together. Respect to the guy or girl who figured this out.

Back to the main point, anyways Opera will allow you to load pages faster and would allow you to use it like the ones in the phones. My phone doesn't have it but I have heard that it is pretty nifty.

* There is a newer version of Opera Mini 5
**Note that it will only work on custom firmware.

Really easy to install, just follow the steps and would be done in less than 5 minutes.
There are a few keyboards to use, either a qwerty, the PSP styled or even a very complicated phone one.

Please read the README file for controls and other information.

Credits to MixedPot from for writing out the procedure.

You will need:
PSPKVM is a homebrew java program that allows you to run programs that have the .jar extension, as of version 0.3.2 there is an on screen keyboard (osk), thus allowing for easy web browsing. PSPKVM was not made in the US so if you use X for enter and O for cancel, the buttons are switched on this.
-Opera Mini
Opera Mini is a web browser that is designed for cell phones.


Step 1: Download PSPKVM and Opera Mini via the download links above.
PSPKVM goes in ms0:/PSP/GAME
Opera Mini.jar goes in ms0:/PSP/GAME/PSPKVM/Apps
Step 2: Launch PSPKVM from the XMB. When loaded, click on "Find Application" and browse to the Opera mini location (ms0:/PSP/GAME/PSPKVM/Apps) and select it. It will ask you to select a device, choose "J2ME Standard (480*272)"
Step 3: Connect to your wireless connection by selecting "Yes" when asked if you would like to use airtime.
Step 4: Once connected, accept the EULA by pressing Select. You're then free to use it any time you want instead of the built-in browser.

Some of the features of the opera browser are:
-RSS Feeds
-Google, Wikipedia, Dictionary, Ebay, Amazon, and IMDB searches
-Zoom in/out features

How to use PSP OSK instead of bulit-in Java keyboard
If you're using the newest PSPKVM version, there's no need anymore to edit any file, as it's now configurable:

You're done! Now typing should be A LOT faster!
Note: To bring it up choose "QUERTY" in the menu (when typing in Opera Mini). Then press any button. It should pop up. Do your typing, and click ok. You should know the rest.
To undo just go again to SYSTEM MIDLETS>CONFIGURE VM>VIRTUAL KEYBOARDS and choose the keyboard you want to use.

Well this changes things from my previous PSP post.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Youth10 & Korean BBQ

Today went for Youth10.
It's an event for all the youths in Msia. It promotes brands and sports and awareness.
Technically for a first timer like me, I feel that it's messy.
Besides the very classy entrance and the photo area, others are all crappy.
Its like Matta fair or Pc fair without the pretty girls but only messier.

People would walk in, snap pic and walk to the end of the thing where sport events are held.
Kinda fun if you were participating. Worst part I find from the whole thing, besides all the smoking people there, (there's a anti smoking campaign booth at some hidden corner), was the fact that everyone had to enter and exit through the same doors....
Fight your way through the crowd and fight your way back...

From left.
Bryant, Jason, Eewin, Yinxie, Jennifer, Xiang, Me and Chris.

Other than that I had fun with the people I met and was with.

I had my own pass. XD
Sorry la, I don't attend events much..

Korean BBQ for dinner with my sisters.
Nothing much to say, ate till bloated lu.

All the side dishes.




End product, swept almost everything.

Pudu Hakka Noodles.

Well, title says it all I guess. Been going to the same stall since I was a little kid.
They are pretty well known. Appeared on tv and on newspapers before.
They make their own noodles. Non-Halal, sorry.

Anyways, technically you would only have a few options at this stall.
Big, Med or Small bowl and Wet or dry style.

For around RM4.60 for a big bowl,
you would get a bowl of noodles and a bowl of soup with 3 wantan.
The taste is just yummy. I don't know where to begin about the taste besides *thumbs up*
But this place starting to get expensive. *sob sob*

So, just act cheap, go there enjoy the food but complain it is expensive to the owner. ^^

Thursday, May 27, 2010

iHome Portable Speakers review

This review is by Chester.
Since he did it, I wanted to share it to those who reads my blog.
So thank you Chester.

My new iHome speakers
($50 from an electronic vending machine in Macy's which sells iPods, PSPs, Headphones, Earphones, and other gadget n gizmos)

Specs & Features:

  • Dimensions: 2.52" W x 2.01" H x 2.52" D
  • Plays audio from iPod, iPhone, iPad, computer, handheld game systems, other audio devices equipped with 3.5mm audio jack
  • When closed, acts like a regular speaker, Unwind and you'll get added bass and size-defying sound
  • Built-in rechargeable li-ion batteries, to take your music anywhere. USB Charging
  • Modern design with blue & red LED lights. Random color combination of either Red-Red, Red-Blue, Blue-Red, Blue-Blue. Machine prefers Blue-Blue as it keeps ending up as it


  • This lil fella packs a punch. Clear, loud & could sustain rather well when you pump the volume up
  • Decent bass
  • Size-Defying effect makes it sound as though you have surround-sound speakers, a more roomy feeling.
  • Unfortunately, has some slight static sound, but could be canceled out if you turn up your volume


  • Light weight
  • Magnetic bottom enables it to capsule up for portability
  • Capsule length: Approximately 4.7 inches
  • Carrying case and cord wrap included

Looks like some sci-fi-space-era-looking-grenade which blinks while it goes Beep, beep, beep, beep, BOOM =)

Bottom Line:

This defies the saying "You get what you paid for," as this baby performs way more than expected based on its price. Could handle almost any type of music, from Metallica's Master of Puppets, to Mozart's Requiem. But if you're someone whose heart beats to the shockwave pressure of your techno music, you might want to consider something else. For although it does produce a pretty decent bass, it doesn't quite cause your walls to crack. Only downside is the static which could be heard when your volume is really low. Other than that, it's a good buy.

I still prefer my Sonic Gear Tatoo Duo cause it actually caused cracks in my ceiling.

Sony PSP, still relevant, sorta...

A special request by Sarah, Evelyn and Vanessa to be mentioned in my blog.

If you own a psp like me, in this Iphone and Blackberry dominated time..
I'm pretty sure you would either want to get any of those or an Ipod Touch.
Yes, I do agree that the touch screen, games and apps are pretty cool but don't chuck that psp away just yet.

After looking around the net, I came across a few homebrew applications,
that will allow you to keep up with the world with your psp.
Installing the applications takes a little brains and reading to accomplish but still pretty do-able for a new psp user.

Please read the README file that comes along with the files.
All these are done at your own risk. Please don't blame me if it doesn't work.
Not for PSP 3000 and only works with the cracked software.

PSP Facebook - Well this would be pretty simple. Just go to your browser and type in and it will automatically go into the mobile browser.

PSP Twitter - There is 2 options for this, either you go to which would send you to a simplified version of twitter. This works occasionally and you can only view new tweets. The other option would be P-Twit. It is a application which allows you to update tweets and view the last 20 tweets. Not much but at least you can update it.

PSP Music - Well there already is a music player but if you would like another one then there is the LightMP3 player. I never tried this before so no comments.

PSP Hold - I find this plugin very useful. It will off your screen and reduce the energy used by your psp. It will save battery for people who listens to music and it will stop that annoying glitch that will off your psp while unholding.

PSPTUBE - Finally an application that will allow you to stream videos off youtube. Its a little tricky learning how to use it but yea, you can watch on your psp. Wohoo! I find this option a little too problematic for me since I have my laptop with me most of the time.

PSP MSN - You can use for this which is what I do or you can use Pro-Messenger. I don't use this but it should be fairly easy to use.

Here is a guide to how to install plugins. Hope it helps.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A friendlier Cabi MV

Yea, well apparently it is too sexy for certain people....

So now Yuri's cleavage is flatter than an ironing board if you would notice the scene change and she forgets to apply sun tan lotion to laugh and dream about Nickhun...

Whatever that floats Korea's censorship board's boat....

If you haven't seen the original video, click here.

My Fujitsu L1010 Review

Thank you, Audrey for letting me fiddle around with your laptop.
I forgot to check on the specs for this model, so all the specs used here are what generally found.

  • 14' WXGA LCD screen.
  • Intel Core 2 Duo processors with intel PM45 chipsets.
  • Windows Vista Basic
  • NVIDIA 9300M GS with 1GB
  • 1.3 mega pixel webcam, finger print recognition, memory card reader slot, 3 USB, vga, HDMI, 5 application buttons
  • 2GB DDR3 ram with 250GB 5400rpm hard disk.
  • Battery around 3 hours on normal usage
  • Around 2.5kg

Touch and feel
  • Well the first thing I noticed about this laptop was its very obvious weight issues. A little too heavy for a 14' laptop. Feels more like a 17'. My 15' is lighter than it. O.o
  • The built of the laptop feels tough, maybe from the weight as well.
  • Finger print magnet
  • Laptop fan works well with keeping it cool.
  • It has a Dust Filter for the fan. (this is a first)
  • Keys have a normal feel to it and touch pad works well. It has a rougher surface on the touch pad I think.

  • This laptop usually works pretty well on normal occasions. Sometimes just before presentations it is known to cause problems. XD
  • The heat from the laptop is pretty well controlled and all the ports are located a pretty convenient spots.
  • Games on this laptop would be ok on low settings. I have seen my friends playing Left 4 Dead on it, it runs pretty smoothly with all details intact. Not sure about Left 4 Dead 2.
  • It is preloaded with a little more programs than I would prefer, since it slows down the laptop.

Here are some benchmark scores for the graphic card. *Click Here*
Notebookcheck gives very detailed benchmark scores.

Well, from the price the laptop was bought at, it is pretty much a bargain laptop. It will do its job for all those paper work and assignments and even spit a little graphic power for games. Suitable for college use or home use. All else, look for a different laptop. A Fujitsu at this price, * wavy hand gesture* 50 50.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

College and Meiyean's surprise visit

Today was totally tiring for me....
cause besides class, which was a bit dry and all
but before that I met up with Waikay and made some new friends.
Nice and friendly people ^^
Those who talk to you and don't give you weird looks and make you feel like an outcast.
Friendly people *happy*

Anyways, after class me and Ah Mah was suppose to go give meiyean a surprise visit, but coz Terence, took her out for lunch, so I had to lepak around coll for a while, till she was done with lunch.

So I went to McD with Joanne and Steve. Another new friend! I feel like I'm a new student, so many new friends. ^^!!!

Me and Joanne.
First actually meeting after knowing her for 2 years.

He looks happy.

Anyone wants to join me in small Happy Meal gathering ka?
Just want to have a group of friends or new friends together in a McD,
all with Happy Meals! Reliving our younger days sia!

Moving on...
So after picking up Ah Mah we had to stake out Meiyean's house...

XDD cuteee

After everyone has met up and chilling in aircond room.

We decided to go makan dinner at Old Town.

Nasi Lemak

Some new drink with oreos in it.

Tom Yam

Toast with kaya and butter, I think

Toast with eggs i think...

Just for Chester~
Since he totally loves it and he doesn't get it much in the States.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Clean those balls

Coll starts again today...
hmmm no more just lazing around the house. *sob sob*
Need to start saving up for the lens I wanna buy

Anyways, Chester showed me this video before and I think I should share it
amuse yourself.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Klang Bak Kut Teh *Updated*

*Chester, Mel, Shan. Please scroll to the end of the post*

Ok, I can totally feel all the hatred coming at me from all my friends that have gone overseas. XD

Sorry to my muslim readers since this is a non-halal post.

Anyways today followed parents to Shah Alam which was near Klang, so they decided to go
makan bak kut teh. So I also makan le.
I need to get over the awkward feeling of pulling out the camera snapping food pics. Damn.
Anyways here is only my plate coz parents dug into theirs.

Oh yes, I'm planning to buy the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. Anyone selling theirs or know of a value priced one?

Half fat, slim (pun fei sau)

Zoom into the fats I ate

Within 10 minutes.

The pros say eating it is separate plates is tastier cause in the big clay pots they mix alot of other stuff into it.
So this way it's YUMMIER!


Siew Yok!!!


Friday, May 21, 2010


Ok, so just saw this, its for LG Cyon Cooky. I still prefer the Chocolate.

This would be another Goobne Cf, more dancing with drumsticks.

Yuri's version

Jessica's version

Seohyun's version

I might have missed 1 or 2 more new ones but yea these are the ones I saw so far.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sushi Zanmai

So yesterday was HELP's ADP orientation again.
So most of the ADP student council members were there to welcome the new people.
Sadly after so many times, don't have what I want. *sad face*

Anyways, after the orientation, we - Me, Weishen, Trisha, Shannon and Mike went to Zanmai.

So here are the pics and of yummy food!
Start drooling. XD

Camwhorin in the bus

Tech savvy couple

Trisha, Weishen & Me

Shannon looking god knows where



Mike + Shannon = Shike? Mannon?

and another...

Before leaving for home.
Sorry la, cam closest to me, so focus me more