Monday, March 28, 2011

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Starbucks Cocoa Cappuccino Review

Most of you who are Starbucks fans would know that Starbucks is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary. A celebration which is celebrated with an introduction of a new cup size, a new logo, new pastries and a new beverage, the Cocoa Cappuccino. This post would be a short review on the experience I personally had with both Hot and Iced versions of the drink.

So, the Cocoa Cappuccino is a cappuccino with mocha sauce, in simple terms, a Chocolate Cappuccino. Some may ask, what's the difference between a Caffe Mocha, and a Cocoa Cappuccino? Both are made with Milk, Mocha, and espresso. A cappuccino is by standard, half foam and half milk, with shots of espresso. A Caffe Mocha is about 3/4 milk, mocha sauce, shots of espresso, and topped with whip cream. It really does just come down to the feel of the drink. Some think foam is disgusting, some may like foam. I eat foam with a spoon and my friends said it's like eating J***.

Anyways, being a barista at my local Starbucks, I was able to carefully create and sample the drink.

I shall start off with the appearance of both drinks. Done properly, that drink looks stunningly pretty, especially the cold version (which is a B** to make, or well, all iced caps are). I personally liked the color contrast of the mocha drizzle and the foam of the cappuccino itself. It looks modern, earthy, and soothing. From the side, the Iced versions looks better due to the process it is made. Each part is layered and the result would be as the picture above, while the hot version would be.. a 'brownier' cappuccino.

Now for the taste and feel. Get ready.

HOT: It felt a little 'murky' to me. Probably because what I think is the separation of the Mocha sauce by the foam, causing it to have this chalky, muddy feeling. Taste wise, I personally didn't like it, but I think it was drinkable. The bitterness from the Mocha(I think it's more of a dark chocolate mix) caused the sweetness of the milk to be lost, which is saddening.

Cold: Nassstyyy~ Very chalky/sandy, the taste does not please me at all. It may have like a '9' for presentation, but taste and feel wise, horrible. You may think it's all the same ingredients, but I would rather have the hot version because the heat keeps everything melted together, all the taste to complement. The ice version is all over the place in terms of taste.. horrible.

So, my verdict.. as an honest blogger, DON'T buy it.. but as a Starbucks partner, BUY it!

One thing good about this drink though, it's thicker body is good for Latte Art =)

By yours truly,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My X-Mini Max II review.

I'm pretty sure that a little while back you must have seen little ball shaped speakers being used around. It was pretty popular back then but now the craze sorta died down.
Feeling that I needed a pair of good speakers on the move, since laptop speakers are really enough for me, I decided to get the x-mini speakers.

The design is the usual, rounded but instead of just 1 speaker, this gives a stereo sound. Having magnetic bases, both speakers can be stuck together for easier transport. Plus they give this little pouch for carrying it in, so its pretty simple to move it around. With the design, its pretty to use it, just on the speakers, plug in the cables and turn the volume up.

The sound quality is awesome coming from the little thing. When it is closed, the sound is sharp but bass would be lacking. When you open it up, you do get a fuller sound with more deeper tones but don't expect heavy bass sounds. Amazing thing about it is the sound doesn't crack even when it is at full blast. Compliments on that. I tried it with my SGS, using the 5.1 sound surround for a concert vid, awesome shits! Felt almost if I was there.

It has this cool feature called the Buddy Jack, where you can actually connect more X-mini speakers to each other. So if you have a few friend who have it, you can all get together and have a party just with it.
Battery life is pretty long. Stated 12 hours but from normal usage, I'm pretty sure it will last way longer than that.

My thoughts - I would definitely say, I love these little speakers. Sound quality is great and it is light and small. Only flaws about it is the price, for such small things, S$ 50 is pretty steep and the amount of base could be a little bit heavier. If you don't mind the price, great idea for a present for a loved one or yourself.

I Rate Thee - 8/10

*Note* There has been reports of it not working or having certain problems with it, so when buying it, please check whether everything is working properly.

Videos of it can be found on youtube.

All for now,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Samsung Launches 13" laptop & New line up of 3D HD Monitors.

Yesterday Samsung Officially launched their new 13" Series 9 laptop. It is truly thin and lightweight, less than 1inch thick and only is 1.3kg. Filled to the brim with the newest technology paired with a very sleek design, it is definitely something to look out for. Just to tease your senses a little, it is fitted with a 2nd gen intel core, Windows 7, Backlit keyboard, 4 GB ram and even  the new Flash Hard Disk. Which is the fastest hard disk around now.
Look out for the review for the laptop. That would be coming up soon.

Also with the launch, Samsung launched their new line of HD monitors. The hottest out of the oven is the SA 950. How hot is it? Well from the design itself, you can tell that its different. What's so special you ask?

Well it has Full HD, 2D and 3D viewing, Eco light sensors and the part I like the most, a build in hub for wireless connectivity. More will be explained in the next post but for now, this is it.

All for now, YJ

Monday, March 14, 2011

SNSD Gee Japanese Acoustic HD

Holy shit!
This version is so damn good!
Anyways just a short post to share.
Totally awesome!!!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Luna Bar, Pacific Regency Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Bout a week back, I went to Luna for the first time with some relatives. Alternative to Skybar.
I would have to say the setting is nice as well and there are more seats, I guess and it has a roomier feel.

But Luna bar is also hotter, the view of KLCC is not that nice, plus if it rains, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to be sitting under the covers. The worst part bout it is, they charge a Entrance fee of RM50 per person after 9.30pm with 1 drink. Whattttt....
Prices are on the higher side but since it is from a place with a view.
Anyways, here are some pics I took from Luna. Missed out on KL Tower tho. Dang-it!

See that building under construction?
Destroys the view. XD
Best tip - Don't wear long sleeves or something very thick. Sweat like mad.

I would rate thee - 7/10 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

SNSD before debut REAL pictures.

Okay I saw this video and well it made LOADS of sense. SInce all the previous pictures I saw was damn fake.

Watch it and have your opinion.

Why Root your Samsung Galaxy S

I always searched why I should have rooted my phone a while back and well let me tell you why you should do it.
I am a simple user, I don't go through all the inside files and haven't learn to flash my phone yet. So, it is sorta simple to do.

The moment you root your phone, Superuser should have been installed (grants you admin perks). The first app to install is One Click Lag Fix. This app would fix all the little lagging problems with the phone. It would also make certain apps work faster. I tried it and yes i would definitely say it made everything faster. Almost like iPhone smooth. 

Second app I found to be useful would be Hot Reboot or any other app that would just restart the software and not the whole phone. Makes restarting your phone much much quicker. 

For those more advanced user, there are apps to dig into you phone for full control and to squeeze more out of your battery but those needs to be further researched.

After some opinions from the more experienced who commented, I shall add in what they said since it is to lets you know the reasons to rooting your phone.
According to them, with the root, you can back up your phone, flash your phone ( something like reformating it), overclocking the processor and also to delete certain admin files.
Pretty sure there are loads of other perks, its just that I haven't learned it yet. Sorry....

Hope all the simple users would find a reason to root your phone from this short post. 


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grind My Gears - "Baby on Board"

I don't get why people actually put that damn sticker on their cars.
What do they actually expect people to do? "Oh yes a child is on board, I shall not overtake you"
or "oh that dude has a baby on board, I drive 1km away from him"

Problem is most of the people who have the damn stickers on their car is either driving like a madmen or driving like a snail. Tailing behind a lorry doesn't increase your safety and being ahead of everyone doesn't mean you are safe. Ain't anything to tell people around you to drive safely when you are trying to run them off the road yourself.

Funny how driving has given me so many things to complain about certain drivers but I just can't stand it.

Also, you know how public transport and lorries in Malaysia have that toll free number at the back of the car, so if they are speeding or driving recklessly, then you can report them?
It doesn't freaking work. Why the hell is it there for then?
That day I saw a huge ass lorry on the overtaking lane, on the highway doing more than 110kph.
On another day I saw a lorry overtaking a smaller lorry then as the lane was ending the lorry went into full brake lock. Imagine me and all the rest behind the stupid lorry.

Know what would be really stupid? The Baby sticker on a lorry lmao...

Grind my gears....