Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My X-Mini Max II review.

I'm pretty sure that a little while back you must have seen little ball shaped speakers being used around. It was pretty popular back then but now the craze sorta died down.
Feeling that I needed a pair of good speakers on the move, since laptop speakers are really enough for me, I decided to get the x-mini speakers.

The design is the usual, rounded but instead of just 1 speaker, this gives a stereo sound. Having magnetic bases, both speakers can be stuck together for easier transport. Plus they give this little pouch for carrying it in, so its pretty simple to move it around. With the design, its pretty to use it, just on the speakers, plug in the cables and turn the volume up.

The sound quality is awesome coming from the little thing. When it is closed, the sound is sharp but bass would be lacking. When you open it up, you do get a fuller sound with more deeper tones but don't expect heavy bass sounds. Amazing thing about it is the sound doesn't crack even when it is at full blast. Compliments on that. I tried it with my SGS, using the 5.1 sound surround for a concert vid, awesome shits! Felt almost if I was there.

It has this cool feature called the Buddy Jack, where you can actually connect more X-mini speakers to each other. So if you have a few friend who have it, you can all get together and have a party just with it.
Battery life is pretty long. Stated 12 hours but from normal usage, I'm pretty sure it will last way longer than that.

My thoughts - I would definitely say, I love these little speakers. Sound quality is great and it is light and small. Only flaws about it is the price, for such small things, S$ 50 is pretty steep and the amount of base could be a little bit heavier. If you don't mind the price, great idea for a present for a loved one or yourself.

I Rate Thee - 8/10

*Note* There has been reports of it not working or having certain problems with it, so when buying it, please check whether everything is working properly.

Videos of it can be found on youtube.

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