Saturday, March 26, 2011

Starbucks Cocoa Cappuccino Review

Most of you who are Starbucks fans would know that Starbucks is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary. A celebration which is celebrated with an introduction of a new cup size, a new logo, new pastries and a new beverage, the Cocoa Cappuccino. This post would be a short review on the experience I personally had with both Hot and Iced versions of the drink.

So, the Cocoa Cappuccino is a cappuccino with mocha sauce, in simple terms, a Chocolate Cappuccino. Some may ask, what's the difference between a Caffe Mocha, and a Cocoa Cappuccino? Both are made with Milk, Mocha, and espresso. A cappuccino is by standard, half foam and half milk, with shots of espresso. A Caffe Mocha is about 3/4 milk, mocha sauce, shots of espresso, and topped with whip cream. It really does just come down to the feel of the drink. Some think foam is disgusting, some may like foam. I eat foam with a spoon and my friends said it's like eating J***.

Anyways, being a barista at my local Starbucks, I was able to carefully create and sample the drink.

I shall start off with the appearance of both drinks. Done properly, that drink looks stunningly pretty, especially the cold version (which is a B** to make, or well, all iced caps are). I personally liked the color contrast of the mocha drizzle and the foam of the cappuccino itself. It looks modern, earthy, and soothing. From the side, the Iced versions looks better due to the process it is made. Each part is layered and the result would be as the picture above, while the hot version would be.. a 'brownier' cappuccino.

Now for the taste and feel. Get ready.

HOT: It felt a little 'murky' to me. Probably because what I think is the separation of the Mocha sauce by the foam, causing it to have this chalky, muddy feeling. Taste wise, I personally didn't like it, but I think it was drinkable. The bitterness from the Mocha(I think it's more of a dark chocolate mix) caused the sweetness of the milk to be lost, which is saddening.

Cold: Nassstyyy~ Very chalky/sandy, the taste does not please me at all. It may have like a '9' for presentation, but taste and feel wise, horrible. You may think it's all the same ingredients, but I would rather have the hot version because the heat keeps everything melted together, all the taste to complement. The ice version is all over the place in terms of taste.. horrible.

So, my verdict.. as an honest blogger, DON'T buy it.. but as a Starbucks partner, BUY it!

One thing good about this drink though, it's thicker body is good for Latte Art =)

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  1. It's looking good! Personally don't really like cappuccino too much foam... but love Mocha though... And two of them together don't really sound nice, but it would be fun to do cafe art on :D