Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Get out of the driver's seat, I'll drive!"

Finally using the blog to the true purpose of blogging...
I shall blog about junk in my life ^^

The whole sentence of the title?
That's what I hear within my family. There are currently 4 drivers, parents, elder sis and me.
Funny thing is none of us like each others driving. Its a hell ride for us whenever we are not driving.
Which is pretty funny if you look at it from a stranger's point of view.
I guess its the way we drive, since my mom doesn't really know how to use the brakes and my dad doesn't know how to lift his foot off the accelerator, we being the kids have learned to drive from them.

We are not dangerous, its a little aggressive and a lot of defensive.

I guess its a good thing that I drive a Kelisa, so at least I would be scared of driving too fast. Only bad thing is its safety. Let me explain.

Kelisa safety features -
  • Regular brakes, might fail under heavy load.
  • No air bags. Please provide own balloons.
  • Traction Control. Learn to drift.
  • Crumple Zone. *very important* - Front bumper onwards till driver's seat.
  • Safety Beams. Being a Malaysian made product, proud as we are about it, we are in no way confident with it's built. 
  • Seat Belts - Regular.
I guess it's still better than the Myvi, it's highly flammable,

Writing this way does cheer me up, in a way. 

I shall sign off with the car of my reachable dream.

Nissan 350z / Fairlady


Friday, July 30, 2010

Who say bloggers aren't friendly?

I know people say that meeting people online is dangerous and also that usually they aren't friendly or stuck up
but for the past few months,
I have met a whole lot of bloggers from event which I found are really nice people.
Mixed races and all. 

Some of the nice people that camwhored with me.

I guess just be careful with shady people online and you shall be fine?
Still it ain't really advisable to meet people off alone.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SALT Movie Review

Went to the movie screening in Malaysia thanks to Nuffnang again!

This movie is explosive!
At least on the action scale. Good action scenes.
Reminds me of Bourne Identity but in a female version. 
The plot of the movie is pretty good as well. Something you won't expect. 

Synopsis - Evelyn Salt is accused of being a Russian spy. Fleeing for her life she tries to uncover the real truth while still trying to prove her innocence. Is she a spy or not? *jeng jeng jeng*

My Opinion - Pretty good movie with a good twist to it. Since I'm pretty sure we're all bored with the usual storyline, this kicks up something new into the scene. Eventhough it feels like the same thing. I loved the action scenes, makes you sit at the edge of your chair wondering how she did it. Personally I don't like the ending. Ended too quickly, like the director is leaving it hanging for SALT 2. Maybe it would be called PEPPER. Maybe.

I rate thee - 8/10

Sadly I haven't gotten the pics for this movie yet. Maybe they don't have it, but I shall upload it here if it does.

Here is the trailer, since some of you haven't heard of the movie yet.

Signing off,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SALT Movie Review coming soon!

Stay tuned!

The moment I get the pics, I shall update!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Released sometime around March 2010, the HD2 hit North American stores as the leading Smartphone at the time, beating the IPhone 3GS 8 to 1 on paper, and not to mention it's signature babe-magnet or rather depressingly to add, Geek-magnet, 4.3 inch screen.

With a local price tag of 300+ USDollars(RM1000 +/-) or RM3000(@ Low Yat), I got mine free during the T-Mobile's Father's Day promotion, but no, I'm not a father. I am however, owner of one of the last HD2's in the store that day, with dozens still lined up, Hah!

Anyway, lets head to the specs and to my personal experiences after.


  • 4.74 Inches Tall, 2.64 Inches Wide, 0.43 Inches Thick.
  • Weighs roughly about 155 Grams
  • 4.3Inch Screen
  • Resolution: 480 x 800 WGVA
  • A much better touch-screen compared to the Google Android G's.
  • 5 Megapixel Camera, Auto-Focus with 2 LED lights.
Operating System
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro With HTC Sense
Processing Speed
  • 1Ghz Snapdragon
Memory and Memory Card
  • 512Mb RAM
  • up to 32Gb Storage Space
  • Browser: Opera Mobile
  • 3G: 7.2Mbps Download Speed & 2Mbps Upload Speed
  • GPRS: Up to 114 kbps download speed
  • EDGE: Up to 560 kbps download speed
  • Wifi: IEEE 802.11 b/g
Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Capacity: 1230 mAh
Talk time:
  • WCDMA: Up to 320 mins
  • GSM: Up to 380 mins
Standby time:
  • WCDMA: Up to 390 hours
  • GSM: Up to 490 hours


Suck on this IPhone, I have a bigger D.... screen...

Right, I shall start off by saying, "I did not read the manual" So I spent about 3 hours trying to work this thing, starting with, trying to sync a Windows phone, to my Mac, which of course didn't work. I had to download these incompetent programs which erase and replace each time I want to add songs. Plus, I cant access my songs, movies, pictures while it's connected to my Mac. It's like saying you check-in to a hotel and you're not allowed to use their facilities. Works fine on my PC though.

But soon I did get the hang of it.. and then bumped into a few more issues like the Email application does not update, the Weather and Temperature is inaccurate, my 3G suck 'cause my coverage provider is garbage, other applications are weird, like this stupid Translator which can't connect to the Internet, Youtube app can't be logged into so I can't share videos, and for a person who wears Slim Fit jeans(Just to make it clear, it's not Skinny Fit), it's kinda of a hassle to get it into the pocket.

From where I'm heading to, you might think to stay away from this phone, but if you kinda think of it, 3/4s of the issues could be fixed. Don't get a Mac, get a better Email, Weather, Translator app, get a better provider and wear Regular fit jeans instead of Slim, and definitely not Skinny. After you get that done, this phone is quite pleasant actually. Big screen to read or watch movies, a decent camera, great touch-screen keyboard, convenient text messaging layout, and a pretty good internet connectivity(with a better provider). It also makes you feel special, several guys and gals came up to check out the phone, amazed by its size and OH! it's HD Crystal Clear Screen. And it gets girls to try and see how "AV" would fair on it.. which one really did try... I'm serious!

It would be smart to always have the screen facing the insides of the pocket

If you're a simple guy, fine, it's okay to get this phone, it's pretty OK. It would grow on you, and you'll soon cherish it, like I did. But if you're a tech-emphasized geek looking into every detail, Don't, 'cause you'll be impatient to learn to love it. If you want to show off, Do get it if you wish, but just be warned that it's like driving a Muscle car.. big, stunning, fast, but you'll have flaws, like being unable to turn for your life.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

LG Cookie Monster Party!

Well yesterday was the LG.C.M.P!!
Thanks to Nuffnang again!
Click pics to enlarge!

It was held at Neutral Club but fret not, it was hosted from 6pm to 10pm.
So nothing crazy went on.
Free food, drinks and prizes.
Loads of pretty girls!

It was something like the launching party for the new LG Cookie 3G, Plus and Fresh.
It's a line of fully loaded, touch screen budget phones.
Go google it out if you're interested. Sadly the os ain't android.

So about 100 bloggers who wrote in to Nuffnang were invited.
It was actually pretty fun!
We were suppose to dress in monster costumes or a shirt with a monster on it.
I made new friends and won prizes! Pretty rad.
Sadly not the phones tho..
I guess everyone enjoyed themselves.

The emcee of the night was Kenny Sia himself.
Fun guy. Pretty good with the mic and the crowd.
Had games and lucky draws.
Then dinner and after that more games.
Not the average launching party I would have expected.

Me making a fool of myself..again..XD

All in all, I had fun.
Eventhough I first thought I would have been a loner...
I guess it is easier to mix with friendly people!
Very nice to meet everyone that was there!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

LG cookie monster party coming soon!

Ok so I just balik from the LG Cookie Monster Party!
It was fun!!
Met loads of people! Now just need to hunt them down on fb.
Loads of pictures coming this way!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

2 bombs coming soon!

Hey all!
I know that my blog a bit quiet lately but fret not 2 big post shall be heading this way!

First the LG Cookie Party. Yep I am going! Anyone else coming message me k?
I don't wanna be a loner

Second, the SALT Screening!
Can't wait!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

SNSD - Pretty faces to cheer up your day and mine

Well since I have cleared off all pending post.
I finally have more time to expand the SNSD wallpaper collection.
I should play with my camera more..*mental note*

Every snsd member. 

Hope you like it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Killing 4 birds with 1 stone.

After 2 years, my college gang is starting to break off.
Oh how time flies.
Yesterday, we celebrated Carmen's farewell at KLCC, Dhinesh's belated Bday, Seetho's Bday  and Carmen's coming Bday.
Seetho suggested a picnic at the park. All being easy going, we just said alright. 

Camera, tripod & sugar high people

Brought stuff and set up and ate.
Personally I think that if you can find a spot with a good shade and have managed to escape the sprinklers,
it is pretty alright.
Just don't walk around with the stuff afterwards which would break your shoulders.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bon Odori 2010

I didn't really know what it was about at the start..
so like all the other events I decided to go check it out...

After the yumcha with the bloggers from Blupblup,
with none whatsoever experience of the roads around sunway till shah alam,
armed with a print screen picture of google map on my psp, I set out to find the place...
Obviously I got lost but eventually found the place.

I shall explain what Bon Odori is --
Bon Odori which means Let's gather is a yearly event held at Panasonic Sports Stadium at Shah Alam.
It is when Japanese and local people dress in yukatas to have picnics at the stadium while traditional dances are held at the center of the stadium.
Malaysian people would translate it as JOM LEPAK! and just go there to experience it as well.
Living up to being a malaysian - be nosy.

Met with Evelyn and YuenTeng

My take on Bon Odori?
Overcrowded and overpriced like hell!!!
I understand with the overpriced since we were stuck in the middle of nowhere,
but the crowds...
People parked really far away just to walk to the thing. Jammed like hell and the venue is too small for the event. They should consider places like, Bukit Jalil Stadium...
Loads of parking, easily reached by car,LRT and bus. 
Gone once, not going back anytime soon. 

signing off,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

BlupBlup Motorsports Division

Recently BlupBlup had another event.
Thank you BlupBlup for inviting!

The event was an exclusive photoshoot at Motorsports Division at Sunway.
Who are they you ask?
They are the people you go to if you want your car to look like those in Fast and Furious.
From body kits to wing doors. If you want it they have it. Just pay.
They upgrade BMW, Merc, Porshe, Ferarri, Audi, Mini and others.

Pretty cool place. Sadly I don't own any of the cars.
*sad face*
But I did make many new friends and they are very nice people.

All for now,

New York Auto Show

Hello and Welcome! No, this is not Yee Jin, and not a hacker either. In fact, I'm Chester, friend of Yee Jin's, as well as Guest Blogger.

This post covers a portion of the New York Auto Show held a few months ago here in, well, New York. I'd say it was pretty good, only downside is the shame of them having only like.. half a dozen of models in the entire convention center.

We were allowed to sit in most of the cars available at the show. Of course, all the super, luxury, and pricey cars were out of reach. Well, got to sit in the Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, Jaguars, 370z and several others though. Oh plus, they had 'Testing' sessions as well, meaning you could test drive some of the available cars after the convention.

Anyways, below are some pictures taken at the Auto Show. Be warned that not all pictures were good.

Lexus LFA
Mercedes AMG SLS
Chevvy Corvette ZR1
Mmmmmm MY dream Muscle Car, the Shelby Mustang
And the Ford GT, another dream.
Aston Martin DBS
Mazda RX8

Rolls Royce Ghost
Audi R8, such a beauty.
The little nimble sport cars, Lotus Exige and Evora
Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni
Gallardo Spyder
R-Factor Race Simulator, everyone before me never made it past 9th Position, whereas I finished 1st. Bangga XD
And to finish it off, XD

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Mum!

Well, more like belated since it was a few days back..
so Happy Belated Birthday Mum!!

During the day I went to watch Despicable Me with Evelyn since our finals are done. 

Decided to go out and eat that night and since dad was out station, he said he belanja XD!
So we went to Tarbush at Ampang Point for dinner.

Sisters love the place because they sell Kebab and the Sishkebab, which is like Satay but mutton.
Also the Briyani mutton rice.

Food - Tasty and delicious. Portions a bit small tho.
Price - Like I said, price a bit expensive for the portion.
Service - Good. Friendly and nice.

I'm not sure how many other branches are there but I know they have it at Ampang Point, Jalan Bukit Bintang and in Starhill.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stop motion madness

If you don't know what stop motion is,
I shall explain - It's the same thing with setting the burst mode on your camera. You snap pictures of moving objects, so when you put them together, they look like they are moving.

People who create stop motion usually snap a picture, move the object about 1cm? or less then snap another picture and move it again. So eventually you will have this huge collection of pictures but when pieced together it looks like its moving.

Here's one made by my friend, Huey Shan . Pretty cool stuff.

Here's one she showed me. This is blardy cool but crazy time consuming.

I like Olivia Ong's voice

I just found out that Olivia Ong is from Singapore. lololol

Still, I like her voice, it's soothing and most of her songs are acoustically played.
See I do support the Asian music scene!
I guess Olivia Ong's has the same style as Zee Awi. Slow, relaxing, sleepy..
The are some covers which she has made. I especially like the one she did on Kiss Me by Six pense none the richer.

Kopitiam Pak Li, Setapak

So during the Nuffnang Sharing Session, we went to Kopitiam Pak Li,
since food as always so food blogging~

I do find that all the sudden craze of more expensive kopitiams is just trying to catch the wave which started since Old Town and Paparich.

Food - The food portions are big but the taste is just average. *wavey hands*
Price - The portion for the price payed is counted as cheap.
Service - Average. Needs to be more attentive and smiled more.

Personally I think it's cheaper than Old Town, lol...
Not so sure bout all the other Kopitiams cause even though its good to yum cha at the new ones
all the best food are still from the old kopitiams