Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nuffnang Sharing Session- Pak Li Kopitiam

I decided to go to the sharing cause I figured it would be good exposure to meet other more experienced bloggers and I did!
 Me and the sifu.
Everyone called him that.

I felt really awkward tho cause I didn't know anyone there at all..
So, early sorry to all the bloggers there which I didn't speak to, wasn't intentional.

 Kak Ina, Mr.Iman, Hana & Kenny

The sharing session was for the invited blogger Mr.Iman to share his experiences since he has shot up to fame in the blogging world in less than a year.

Atreyuji, Hana & me
Can't rmb the guy. sorry!!!!
Everyone was friendly. Eventually I made friends. ^^

Before everything started, they provided us with sandwitches and drinks! Foc~
Pics in next post.

During the session, the manager of that particular outlet briefed us on it's history and their workings.
I am here to tell all of you, have no fear, the place is Halal.(no pork)
If you still don't believe me, you can actually ask for the cook. XD

After the meal, Mr.Iman gave us his speech and passed down some pretty important tips such as attending events, blog walking and more.
After him was Robb from Nuffnang, who gave us a FAQ crash course with the workings of Nuffnang.

Almost everyone there.

Being really bad with names and all, 
I can't really name and tag people. So I shall list down all the bloggers that were there. 
On many of their blogs, there are more detailed accounts for the Sharing Session~

Bloggers - check them out!
Next post on Pak Li Kopitiam!

All for now,


  1. hi bro...just check out your blog....thanks for the backlinks

  2. hii,

    i'm not a sifu..i just a normal blogger like you...i don't know why they call me that..anyway,thanks for coming...really appreaciate it..

  3. aiiyo, bro.... misunderstanding here..... i didn't go, not even get an invite... what i meant was," i knew u from the entries that other bloggers did on this sharing session".... i hope u won't misunderstand anymore.... (how i wish i cud be there)

  4. hehe gud one. i tak type pon lag entry neh.

    hey, can u email me all those piccas from ur cam during d NSS?? i want it bcus u r using 'camera mahal' maaa.. haha

    email me at nh.hana0610@gmail.com :)

  5. ayohh.. since when my name become atreyuji? is this somewhat related to k-pop?? haha!

  6. hai..visit and read your N3..hope to see you next time..but you so quitelah..

  7. hi yee...im link ur blog - kak haslina

  8. wah..u know my real name!!!salute!..nice entri & nice meeting u..looking 4ward to see again..

  9. Gambar aku ada kat situ. Paling kiri berdiri. hehe...