Monday, July 19, 2010

Bon Odori 2010

I didn't really know what it was about at the start..
so like all the other events I decided to go check it out...

After the yumcha with the bloggers from Blupblup,
with none whatsoever experience of the roads around sunway till shah alam,
armed with a print screen picture of google map on my psp, I set out to find the place...
Obviously I got lost but eventually found the place.

I shall explain what Bon Odori is --
Bon Odori which means Let's gather is a yearly event held at Panasonic Sports Stadium at Shah Alam.
It is when Japanese and local people dress in yukatas to have picnics at the stadium while traditional dances are held at the center of the stadium.
Malaysian people would translate it as JOM LEPAK! and just go there to experience it as well.
Living up to being a malaysian - be nosy.

Met with Evelyn and YuenTeng

My take on Bon Odori?
Overcrowded and overpriced like hell!!!
I understand with the overpriced since we were stuck in the middle of nowhere,
but the crowds...
People parked really far away just to walk to the thing. Jammed like hell and the venue is too small for the event. They should consider places like, Bukit Jalil Stadium...
Loads of parking, easily reached by car,LRT and bus. 
Gone once, not going back anytime soon. 

signing off,


  1. I went there too ^^ and I agree with you that the place is so so so crowded @.@ The event held once a year, that's why.

  2. been there in 08.. that's the first and last time.. =)