Thursday, July 8, 2010

Twilight Eclipse Screening

Well, I'm sure you should know by now that I went to watch the screening of Eclipse for Malaysia.

Since I'm not a Twilight fan
and a little more to the dislike side plus I fell asleep during Twilight
I was a little lost with the characters and with the storyline.

So I shall go straight to the point.

Synopsis - Twilight, bla bla bla. New Moon, bla bla bla. Finally the long awaited Eclipse continues with Bella forced to choose between the cold blooded but nicely dressed one or the warm blooded half naked one. She loves both of them, so greedy. While she is torn between the two loves, Victoria from the previous shows, builds her little army for revenge! *evil laughter*. With all that is happening, the Vultori? The black cloaked people watches on plotting their own little plans for world domination! Ok, I'm not sure. Didn't read the book.

My Review - I managed to stay awake through the whole thing! That has got to mean something. Well, I guess there was more action this time and maybe some storyline to it but I still found it to be like some kiddy movie. Toy Story 3 still felt better. PWNED!

I rate thee -  5/10


  1. Visiting here friend...Nice..Good contest bring for u..worth try it Don’t Miss it!

  2. I'm not a fan, but I find the book is much more tolerable than the movie.

  3. oh..i dint watch.. but i heard it is very popular..

  4. reanaclaire - lol it is..there's like some cult following for it....

  5. *sigh* I don't quite see why twilight is so popular... I mean... sigh...vampires are not supposed to be some cute, handsome frat boys. that is just not right. Sobs... bring back the traditional, vicious vamp!

    @ Claire....Woi, Claire, ur here oso... ish ish ish... u blog hop here ah?

  6. Cleffairy - I know right! What happened to all the cool blood sucker. I don't like the glittery ones...
    LOL..gathering here..XD

  7. ya ya ya.. i noe, its damnn boring! haha :p nice to meet u in nuff sharing session yesterday. hehe :)