Sunday, July 25, 2010

LG Cookie Monster Party!

Well yesterday was the LG.C.M.P!!
Thanks to Nuffnang again!
Click pics to enlarge!

It was held at Neutral Club but fret not, it was hosted from 6pm to 10pm.
So nothing crazy went on.
Free food, drinks and prizes.
Loads of pretty girls!

It was something like the launching party for the new LG Cookie 3G, Plus and Fresh.
It's a line of fully loaded, touch screen budget phones.
Go google it out if you're interested. Sadly the os ain't android.

So about 100 bloggers who wrote in to Nuffnang were invited.
It was actually pretty fun!
We were suppose to dress in monster costumes or a shirt with a monster on it.
I made new friends and won prizes! Pretty rad.
Sadly not the phones tho..
I guess everyone enjoyed themselves.

The emcee of the night was Kenny Sia himself.
Fun guy. Pretty good with the mic and the crowd.
Had games and lucky draws.
Then dinner and after that more games.
Not the average launching party I would have expected.

Me making a fool of myself..again..XD

All in all, I had fun.
Eventhough I first thought I would have been a loner...
I guess it is easier to mix with friendly people!
Very nice to meet everyone that was there!!


  1. cool eh.. haha.. hope to participate in such events one day =)

  2. wow!! huhu eugi nya tak join! :(

  3. really enjoyd the party huh...neways wat a great move you got there man! cheers!

  4. tian chad - thanks LG for the party!
    Ken - you should, its fun
    jack - lololol...thanks..waa very maluuu laaa