Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cheer 2010

Nah Trisha wants me to add more info for Cheer.

Cheer happens every year around July.
It is always held in Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium.
Participants are from local high schools and private schools.
There are boys and girls squads.
The judges are from Charms, the Malaysian cheer team. - I think...
There always is a performance before the results are announced.
The main sponsor usually is Silky Girl.

Well my first opinion of it since I'm in college?
I felt out of place. I know Cheer is suppose to be for all then young people but still I felt really out of place.
But usually it's high school people.
Maybe cause I didn't sit at my school's team. XD
This year I supported Muriel from Pudu Girls School since YuenTeng is in the team,
and I know no one from Shirtliff.
I didn't stay to watch many schools. Felt bored. Met up with a few friends tho.

Check my view. YuenTeng and Hassel.

Anyways here was how it went.
Packed as always.
Some teams were good some teams weren't.
The Winners were
  1. Cyrens
  2. Blitzers
  3. Dynamitez
  4. Stompers
  5. D'stars
My school didn't even rank . omg..creating history in a bad way.....
Lost all bragging rights...

During the break, Hassel and I went to lunch at Old Town Sri Petaling,
since food at Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium was horrid, well looked horrid enough...

She was bored and camera shy

Generally food at Old Town is just okok...
But today I tasted something really weird.
Their Enriched Chocolate drink. All I tasted was cheap weird choco powder. aiyer.....

Ipoh Hor Fun. Small portion. Stingy.               The horrid Choco drink. Don't order, waste money

All for now. Signing out.

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