Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kopitiam Pak Li, Setapak

So during the Nuffnang Sharing Session, we went to Kopitiam Pak Li,
since food as always so food blogging~

I do find that all the sudden craze of more expensive kopitiams is just trying to catch the wave which started since Old Town and Paparich.

Food - The food portions are big but the taste is just average. *wavey hands*
Price - The portion for the price payed is counted as cheap.
Service - Average. Needs to be more attentive and smiled more.

Personally I think it's cheaper than Old Town, lol...
Not so sure bout all the other Kopitiams cause even though its good to yum cha at the new ones
all the best food are still from the old kopitiams


  1. Yup. Definitely cheaper than old town and papparich!

  2. the food looks good.. never heard of it before actually.. haha.. so many modernized kopitiam these days.. =)