Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012.

So almost every year I would write a blog post of how time passes so fast and on the things I regret not doing and on the things I feel thankful for.

This year, I just wanna say Happy New Year to all of you who are still following this blog.
Thank you very much and no worries updates are coming. I am back for a month and I am sure I can get my life back. Hopefully.

Cheers to you.

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Thank you!

Signing off,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Changing with the Fun Theory.

Hey people,
sorry for not updating for a bit but life is hectic as usual.
Anyways recently I saw some videos about the Fun Theory. Its a project by Volkwagen to change people's attitude towards basic actions like throwing trash into the trash can and recycling.

I know the videos maybe old but still its definitely a start to give ideas to the world about creative ways to change our habits.


Imagine if this was in your country, wouldn't it be much cleaner or greener or healthier?

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Friday, October 21, 2011

My Maha PowerEx MH-C800S Smart Battery Charger Review

So one thing I found out about being in the States is that not every electronic would work here. The ones from Msia that is. Its because of the lower power supply in the US.

I found out about this when I plugged my battery charger into the socket to charge up my AA batteries for my flashgun and tadaa nothing happened. Worst part was cause the current was so low, its barely charging 2 of my 4 batteries. So, I decided to get a universal battery charger that would work anywhere in the world and that it would last me for years.

After my googling and review reading, I ended up with the PowerEx 800S. It cost $40+. I know its a little expensive but I would justify that in a bit. I think its the exact same thing with the other more expensive Maha chargers. Only thing which I found wasn't so good was that it charges only AA/AAA.

So what did I find good about it?
First thing, it can be used anywhere. So even if the electric current is different, there should not be a problem. 8 batteries can be charged all at once or a single one can be charged. Mix brands if you wish and it will still work. Way better than charging in pairs.There is a LCD screen at the front. I know this might just be a fancy add on but being able to track how much the battery is charged is good. Its way better than just staring at a LED light anyways. It will say its DONE charging, good for my 2700mAh  batteries since it takes forever.

The best feature however I would say is the Condition charging. Instead of just a fast charge and a slow charge, The condition charging will charge your battery up to full, fully discharge it to empty and then slow charge it up again to full. This will fix most of your old rechargeable batteries back to a sorta new state. Wish it worked with phone batteries and laptop batteries tho.

Personally, I find this charger very good. As a normal user/ amateur photographer, I burn through batteries fairly quickly and this has been great help.

I rate thee - 8/10

If only the charger works for different sizes and it being so expensive, I would have given it full points.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

First photoshoot. Jeremy & Car.

Well a big difference in the US and in Msia is that in the US not everyone own a DSLR. So it does make me wonder how that actually caught on.

Anyways, recently I went to try my hand at shooting my friend's car. I never actually got myself to shooting but I guess it turned out pretty well for the first time.
It is a pretty sweet ride.

Hopefully I do get better at this.
Here is the link so some of the pictures!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

High Fall Gorge, NY

Hey all!!!

Sorry for MIA-ing for the past 3 weeks I guess but as I have mentioned, I am currently in the States and well uni life here is way different. It has been really hectic trying to get used to life, the study way, the social life.

BUT, here are some picture from High Falls Gorge. Its something like the Grand Canyon, it was carved naturally and well its kinda cool. I guess there will be way more photography pictures soon.

Here are the picture from High Falls. Including all my new friends!

Follow my twitter account if you would like to see random picture updates.

Yep, thats all for now.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

A whole new life!

Hey everyone!

Sorry that I have not been updating my blog. I am proud and a little sorry to say I have continued with my studies at the United States!

So I am living a new life with new people and a new environment.
Sadly all my blogging connections from home has been severed.

Well give me about another week for everything to settle down before I start blogging again.
Currently going through orientation and classes start next week so subject selections are driving me a little crazy.

All for now!

If you know anyone I can contact in the US for blogging opportunities, PLEASE SHARE!


**thanks John J for the wish!

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Signing off,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

U-Mobile Top Up madness!

Okay people, if you do not know about this yet, this is your chance!

Everytime you top up RM50 with U mobile, you will get a free RM10 KFC voucher!
You can go change it for like burgers or even better, wedges. yum yum..

Lucky fella. Okay sorry I'm hungry thinking about the wedges....

Besides that, did you know that when you top up U Mobile at Maybank, you stand a chance to win a new Galaxy Tab?

These people did.

Happy Moment: (Fr Left) Peter Tang, Head of Alternate Channel of U Mobile Sdn Bhd (Fr Right) Yip Weng Seng, Manager, Alternate Channel of U Mobile Sdn Bhd together with the winners of U Mobile top-up rewards programme with Maybank for week 1 to week 4. The winners walked away with a sexy Samsung Galaxy Tab!

So you want to try your luck as well? Here are the terms.

U Mobile pre-paid subscribers who top-up RM30 or above with Maybank are instantly winners with 100 free text messages. Top up RM100 and you get a free modem worth RM100. But that’s not all, every week the two highest reloading individuals will walk away with the sexy Samsung GALAXY Tab. Two GALAXY Tabs a week will be given away over a period of 12 weeks. The U Mobile and Maybank top-up rewards programme will be on from 6 June to 28 August 2011.

That's all.

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Signing off,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chelsea FC Training

Well as many of you would already know, Chelsea was recently in town. Eventho the match did not turn out as exciting as the rest did but still the fans still love them.

Hopefully with the new season, they will win the cup.

So I managed to sneak in to this little super heavily guarded event. lol.

Besides the hordes of blues fans going crazy to watch their favorite team member run around which was avoided, the media also got a chance to meet the players! Well sorta. They were training after all.
So as usual letting the pictures do the talking.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Hey as some of you may know, I was recently fumbling around with the new 10.1 Tab by Samsung and well here is my video review!

I would say sorry tho cause its out of focus. Was really hard trying to record it with my dslr.
But anywho, it is pretty descriptive.

I would say tho, I do still prefer a laptop than a tab. Sure its lighter and it can be used at anytime but if you have a small laptop 11" maybe, fitted with a SSD hard drive, put to sleep. Then you pretty much can use it in a snap as well. Batt life wont be that significant but still you can do so much more. To me, lugging the tab around wasn't so diff as to lugging the Series 9 around.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Pink and Fluffy

Okay I'm sorry guys but I just have to share this. Its just so catchy!
Have it stuck in my head alright...

Go and fly free like a fluffy unicorn!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Benq S57 Joybook disassemble instructions

Okay, first off I would like to thank Thang from NBR forums for giving me all the instructions needed to dis-assemble.

*Do this at your own risk. By doing this, it will also void your warranty if it still applies.*

Keep the normal rules applied.

  • Be aware of screw location and screw size. For the S57, the screws for the monitor hinge are the bigger ones. 
  • Try to wear an antistatic bracelet just in case. If you don't have one, just don't shuffle your feet or stand  on a carpet. 
  • Have your philips screwdriver and flat head screwdrivers on the table. Preferably those with the magnetic end ones. Helps with removing the screws. 
  • Be patient and act smart. Note whatever which you remove so you can put it back later on.

Dis-assembly Instructions.

1. First, take off all the covers (battery, HDD, fan area etc). Cover your screen with something to avoid scratches (I placed mine on a piece of cloth). Take out all screws, they are mainly one length except for the HD cover screws (including the 2 longer ones at the back). Put them securely and in some sort of order on a separate surface where they won't be disturbed. Take the HDD out (remove 4 stubby screws, remove two side screws, slide out). You cannot remove the back plate yet. Then turn over. 

2. Take off the plate with stripes (hinge cover) by first removing the three screws which retain it from the rear (you have already taken these out, the screw holes have a "K" printed into the plastic near them on the rear plate). You push the hinge cover down and up on both ends and it will pop up (it is a little tricky doing this). Take it off. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Chelsea Asia Tour - Coach Media Training.

First of, thank you Samsung for giving me the pass for the once in a lifetime experience.
I got my chance to learn football from the Chelsea coaches when they were in KL recently.
Thank you Jessica Kan for holding on to the camera while we were trying so hard to not look bad.

I am a Chelsea fan but not a very big football fan so truth to be told, I suck with kicking a ball around a field. The coaches were very friendly and they were nice enough to be gentle on all the media people there. Still they did occasionally crack a joke here and there about how they would be going all out.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hennessy Artistry 2011 @ Mist Club, Bangsar.

Hey all, over the weekends was Hennessy Artistry at Mist Club, Bangsar and I would say it was pretty fun!

The venue was no doubt pretty well decorated with HA banners and stuff but I would say the company did make it pretty fun. Not forgetting the drinks too.

The acts for the night was great as well. I only saw 2 as I did my usual thing of leaving earlier to avoid traffic.

Letting the photos do the rest!
Thank you Hennessy Malaysia for having another great party!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

HP Hit Print Roadshow 2011 & KLMU Roadshow.

Well here is your chance for great deals on HP products!
HP is having roadshows around university campus around K.L

So all you there lacking a printer for college or uni, here is your chance to grab one!

Roadshow starts on 19 July - 9 August in colleges and universities in Klang Valley

So what can you expect at the roadshow? Fun activities during roadshow & stand a chance to get a HP Printer @ RM1

There are photo contest currently running on the HP fanpage! Check it out for cool prizes!

So recently, the HP Print Roadshow was at KLMU promoting their new line of printers and cost effective ink cartridges. Check them out yo, fast and cheap printing.

Besides allowing students to check out the new products there were also the RM1 printer contest and sure enough one lucky guy won it. Grats!

So what should you do if you missed out on that roadshow? Well you can always go to their FB link and look for the next one. Plus you can check out the contest currently going on at the FB fan page!

A big thank you to Feeq for the pictures!

That's all for now.
over and out.

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Signing off,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer B110a

HP recently launched a new line of printers and one in particular is the Wireless e-All-in-One printer.
What is a all-in-one printer you ask?
Its a printer but you can also scan documents and copy documents. What is even better now is that this HP printer prints photos as well. I don't just mean ordinary photos printers can do but quality photos.

Another plus point for this printer?
It is absolutely Wireless. Sure you can sit at the computer and print your stuff on normal days but if you do get bored with that, you can do your printing with the HP ePrint. Select the documents you want to print, then at the click of a button it will be sent to the printer for printing. This means the printer needs to be connected to the internet connection at home.

What else can you do?
Print from the web without a PC—coupons, recipes, greeting cards and more—using the HP TouchSmart frame. So you get to do simple task with the screen on the printer. Also, you can print stuff directly from your phone. You need an application for it but still Phone to Printer is pretty good. 

To help you feel less guilty about killing tress and stuff,

You will save energy, using an all-in-one that is ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Reduce waste by choosing an all-in-one that is shipped in an innovative, reusable tote bag.

Conserve paper by easily printing multiple pages on both sides of a sheet of paper.

Get free, easy recycling—cartridges returned through HP Planet Partners are recycled responsibly.

If You can email it, you can print it!!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SNSD Echo mv

Well I came across this SNSD Echo MV which I did not even knew existed.
Thank you very much the the uploader.


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Signing off,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Grind My Gears - Signalling

Another few months and another driving rant coming right up.
Sorry fellow readers.

I am pretty sure I have a rant somewhere in this blog about people using the indicator but I am sure it was on the roads and not at junctions.
Today, while rushing off to buy more credits for my phone, I was stuck at a T-Junction, and knowing the rules, I indicated to the road I wanted to turn to. Being one of the main roads, there were a lot of cars, and sure enough a car did not signal and thinking he was going straight, I waited for him to pass but he did not. He turned. A window closed. Fine. I waited again. The second was more dangerous as it was on the opposite lane, where an asshole, did not signal and turned, I was pretty sure I wasn't the only driver freaking out cause right after he passed me, I moved forward and he suddenly swerved into the turn which made me brake like hell and luckily the car coming towards me did not freak out and accelerated.

What I am trying to say is,

As I have wrote before,

Stop grinding everyone's gears by trying to kill us.

Rant end.

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Signing off,

Saturday, July 16, 2011

SNSD / Girls Generation Yoona Wallpapers part 2

Well here are a little more of Yoona to make things a little even.
Need to balance out the other members as well. Any request?

Click here for PART 1

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Samsung GalaxyS Android 2.3 Dark Core v2.3 Front Camera Fix

So I flashed my SGS with Darky's Dark Core v2.3 cause it was faster than the stock firmware but apparently the front facing camera has a bug with it. So you might be able to use video calling with Skype but the camera will be showing some weird image.

Anyways, here is the fix, just go to this forum link and look for the latest version ( v2.6) and download it.
At the bottom of all the download links, there would be a video teaching you how to flash your phone using SGS Kernel Flasher. Download the kernel flasher from android Market.

After following all the directions from the video, your phone should be updated to Dark Core v2.6 with the camera fixed. Its is also faster as the amount of ram available was tweaked.

Thank you Darky for the awesome Dark Core.

That's all.

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Signing off,

Monday, July 4, 2011

SNSD / Girls Generation Yoona Wallpapers part 1

I apologise to those wh drop by waiting for new snsd updates. Anyways, one is finally here!

Here Bubu, since you said you liked Yoona so much.
Sharing is caring.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Carlsberg Where's The Party? 2011

Hey everyone, before I start, I would like to thank Carlsberg and Brandthink for the invites to the BIGGEST party of the year!
How good was it? Everyone kept saying it was awesome. So it must be good. 

So last Saturday I was invite to Carlsberg Where's the Party. 
It was a 2D,1N all expense paid invitation with a list of what to bring and a promise of an awesome party. The catch was, no one knew where the party was. A secret location and they left us guessing till the door step of the hotel. 

The buses all lined up and ready

It began last Saturday morning at BKT Jalil, with everyone arriving and registering. Then with the buses ready, everyone loaded up and took off to the secret location. Which in the end turned out to be Gold Coast Sepang. We were greeted by this huge group of good looking people making us feel like celebs. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hennessy Artistry! @ Mist Club, Bangsar 2011

Hennessy Artistry is back yet again!

Missed the last one at Opera? Well fret not! It is happening again on July 9th at MIST Club, Bangsar!

A good drink + a good view. 
Definitely something to be bragging about to your friends. 

More awesome music lined up this time and also not forgetting the awesome taste of Hennessy VSOP. 

Drop by for your chance to win exclusive invites!

Well, don't miss out and I will see you there!
Here are some pictures of the previous one.

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Thank you! 
Signing off, 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gigabyte M7700B Bluetooth Mouse Review

Kk, I got this mouse recently cause I was running out of USB ports and that just gave me a reason to upgrade XD.

Anyways here are the pros and cons of it


  • Portable bluetooth
  • Sensitivity button. 800dpi/1600dpi
  • Laser mouse
  • On/Off button
  • 5 button mouse
  • Its a tad small. Skinny mice?
  • The side buttons are hard to press if you have big hands
  • The scroll button needs some getting used to  

What can I actually write about a mouse? 
Its accurate, laser guided. All the buttons work as designed. The Bluetooth was easy to set up and quick. It doesn't have that red LED light at the bottom as its a laser mouse, so don't go thinking its not working. Cause I did that (blonde moment)

The design is comfortable as there are groves for your thumb and pinky fingers. In the groves there are also rubber fittings for more grip. The mouse sensitivity on 800dpi is actually pretty good but if you are lazy and you don't want to move as much the 1600dpi would suit you better. The mouse runs on 2 AAA batteries which are also included in the packaging. 

Yep, that's all I can think of to tell you guys. 
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Thank you!

Signing off, YJ

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Samsung Series 9 First Impression and Usability

The sample unit comes with Intel i5 2537m, 4GB Ram, 100GB SSD Hard disk and Intel HD Graphics.
Weighing at only a little over 1kg, a bottle of water would weigh about the same.

Well first thing I noticed was how damn thin the laptop was. It can easily beat netbooks in the lack of thickness. It ain't easy to comprehend how thin this 13'inch laptop is until you actually see it. The design is sleek and sexy but the one thing I noticed which was missing from normal laptops was the connectivity ports usually found at the sides of normal laptops. Ports on the Series 9 are cleverly hidden on both sides. Just pull down at the side and the ports would show. Since the laptop is also made of that duralumin airplane thing, you can feel very little flex, very sturdy. The Duralumin is a little sharp at the sides so you might feel it poking you sometimes and it may be scratch proof but not finger print proof.

The portability theme is also carried over to the connectivity ports. Besides the 2 normal sized USB 3.0 ports (one USB can charge your mp3 even when turned off), everything else is downsized and dependent on wireless connectivity. On the left, 1 mini HDMI, 1 USB and 1 mini/ micro network port. Even I haven't seen a mini network port before but here it is.
On the right , 1 USB, 1 audio out/ input (there is only 1 jack. So I guess the mic and headphone needs to be integrated together) and 1 micro SD reader. If this laptop is placed on a table, bigger USB devices would have difficulty connecting to the laptop, such as my mouse dongle.
The laptop does lack a CD/DVD player. So this might be a little troublesome.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Samsung Series 9 First Impression and Usability Coming soon

Hello, well some have mentioned that since I didn't give enough credit to it and some even said its not fair since I don't own one, I have gotten my hands on the Samsung Series 9.

So for this whole week. I am gonna bring it around and use it.
So no geeky specs, all I am gonna write about is the impression and how the laptop works out under daily conditions of a teen/uni student.

Give me a few days and some time to write up the post. For all you planning to get this laptop but still need a user review on it?
Well here it is!
**UPDATED** Here it is! LINK LINK


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Samsung GalaxyS - Forgetting to disable lagfix before flashing.

Okay, title says it all. I did exactly that and I payed the price of solving the hell out of that problem...
So much for updating to Android 2.3 without a problem..

Anyways for those who has done this. Don't worry, it can be saved. If you dare try it for yourself.

Symptoms -

  • Boots to the Samsung Phone model screen then it would hang and restarts again
  • Boots to the shining Samsung logo then hanging and repeats itself.

Don't panic just yet.
All you need to do is download Odin v1.8 + .pit file + a PDA file + Phone file and CSC file. 
There are forums on the net which would let you download all these with the instructions. 

Just choose the android version you want. Make sure you have the .pit file. *important*
Open Odin and CHECK Re-partition. 
Usually you don't check it but under such a case, you MUST check it.

Then connect your phone, select all the files at the correct locations and click Start.
Let it run and don't touch anything. Within 10 minutes, your phone should have rebooted itself. 
*note* for the first boot, it would take much longer at the Samsung logo screen. So be patient. 

That should be all.
That was what I did and it worked. 
Remember to read through a few forums before doing it.
*may not for you, so do at your own risk*


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Samsung's 2011 netbook sneak peek coming soon!

Okay I have just had the chance to see the new netbooks from Samsung.
It has not yet been officially been launched yet and the specs are also not out yet. 

I will however be able to play around with it when it reaches my hands. So I will be able to give you a hands on write up about the feel and touch of the netbooks. Since usually the specs can always be found online. 

There were 2 models, one running on the new MeeGo OS and the other would be the FIRST netbook with a Solar Panel. 

But till then, here are the 2 pictures I took to tease your senses. 

More will be revealed when I get my hands on the netbooks. Can't wait!

Monday, May 30, 2011

FREEDOM 2011 is back!

After months of silence, FREEDOM is finally back and here to take the nation by storm. Year on year bringing the hottest artistes from around the world to sold-out audiences all over Malaysia. But this year, FREEDOM is doing something new. They heard the cries of boredom, that everything is same old, same old, so they’re shaking things up! For the first time ever, they’re letting you choose what goes where in our nationwide events.

Yes all! 
FREEDOME is back! Stuck at home with nothing to do? Feeling bored at work?
Well fret not as something big is about to happen!
Even better is, you don't just go to a great event, you get to choose how you want it to be!

When you ask? 


Just go to to vote for your choice and style!

THE VOTING SCHEDULE                                                               

Choose Your Sounds                      : 05MAY - 20MAY
Choose Your Experience              : 23MAY - 03JUNE
Choose Your Cover                         : 06JUNE - 17JUNE
Choose Your Style                           : 20JUNE - 24JUNE

Caught enough of your attention yet?
Well, just drop by for more info!
There is even a comtest not to be missed! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Samsung GalaxyS Sudden volume drop solution

Okay I have experienced this problem a few times already.
I think the last time it happened was because I pulled out my earphones while a call was going on. I think its a bug with the phone.

Anyways, the problem is the volume which is at full would drop to a lower level. 
Then it would just stay there. This would affect your ringer and media volumes. 
If you have experienced this problem before, the solution which i found was fairly simple. 

*Solution* - Just ask someone to call your phone. It will fix the problem. It did for mine everytime I experienced it. 

That's all.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

NESTLE Launches New Almond Thrill Drumstick & Contest

NESTLE has brought a new flavor into their Drumstick line which is the new Almond Thrill flavor.
How different can it be? Well it is a smooth and creamy pecan-flavoured  ice cream in a rich, dark cone, surrounded by a thin chocolate ring topped with a generous layer of crushed almond nuts.

During the launching, besides the usual press conference, NESTLE made things different by setting up game booths around the area allowing media a go at them. After lunch it was open to the public for a fun filled day.

In conjunction of the Almond Thrill launch, NESTLE also launched a contest for all the customers.
The NESTLE DRUMSTICK ALMOND THRILL? What's Yours? contest will offer ice cream lovers the chance to win prizes totaling RM57,000. Interested participants will have to convey how they would like to live their adventure with NESTLE DRUMSTICK.

Well drop by and LIKE the page. Then register as a member at the competition page.
Then upload a video, not longer than 2 minutes, based on the theme on to the Facebook app. The video must feature any of the NESTLE DRUMSTICK flavours.
Go check it out! RM20K worth for the Winner and digital cameras for 19 others!

YJ out

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

JackCow brings Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean!

Hey there mateys!
Advertlets in conjunction with  is bringing you Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides!

What is you ask?? 
Well is a website which brings you GREAT deals for promotions and products! 
All you need to do is to Buy the Deal offered, share the awesome deal with a MINIMUM number of people and then ENJOY yourself! 

Simple enough eh?
So why not go check them out! @

Jackcow and Advertlets would only give us the BEST around and what would be better than one of the most anticipated movie this year? Pirates of the Caribbean!

Samsung YP-K3 MP3 Driver solution

Okay I own one YP-K3 mp3 and since finding it back, I had trouble connecting it to my laptop.
There seems to be a lot of websites with a lot of junk in it.
So here is the solution.

My laptop is running on Windows 7, 64bit.

  1. Download the Samsung Media thingy from this link. (click Free Download and External Link)
  2. Select SOFTWARE which is next to MANUALS. Then choose the file you want to download. 
  3. After downloading it, install it (for Windows XP and Vista). For W7, right click and select Compatibility and select Vista.
  4. Let everything install itself. The MEDIA player should be installed. 
  5. Plug in the YP-K3 into the computer and it should be detected by the Media player. 
That's about it. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to my blog!

Okay, well my blog is finally 1 year old! 

It has been a pretty good first year,
With all the people I met and events I have been,
I would like to thank all the readers and friends who has helped and supported!

Thank you!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My iPhone 5 new features predictions.

Okay since everyone is so hyped up about the iPhone 5. Well iPhone 6 more like it but after checking out the market and Apple's competition, these are what I PREDICT the iPhone 5 would have.

None of these are confirmed. Just my predictions.

  • Bigger memory. Definitely. Since the iP4 did not have a bigger memory for the HD recordings, hopefully Apple will bump it up.
  • Fixed antenna. Well this is pretty logical to avoid the death grip. 
  • Dual core processor. Since the competition has launched this and the iPad2 already have it. 
  • More ram. Makes sense, since they upgraded the processor as well.
  • Bigger screen. Okay this is a 50-50. Since Apple doesn't seem to be too hyped up about the bigger screen. 
  • Bigger camera. 8mp perhaps. 
  • 4G. This I am not quite sure. There are a lot of speculations but maybe, just maybe. Apple might leave this out for the iP6. 
Yep those are my predictions. 
I thought about that Smart Skin thing for the iP5 as well but since the phone is comparably smaller, don't think it needs a stand.

Leave a comment if you have predicted something as well. 

All for now,

Friday, May 6, 2011

Grind My Gears - Driving Schools

Okay I need to rant. As humans, we love it. Cause usually with rants the would be gossip.

Anyways, a few days back I was at my driving school and I was watching all those sad little people learning how to drive. I know I have been one of those sad idiots.

Carrying on, while watching all the parallel parkings, three point-turns and the hill/handbreak/first gear thingy,
it hit me that besides learning how to drive a manual car, how to park and the road rules, you will barely learn anything about the real driving experience.

How when it rains heavy enough, you wont see a damn thing,
about never driving over a puddle of water eventhough you wanted to do it since your childhood,
how there would be idiots driving with their hazards lights on,
how parking lots would be tight as hell with people double parking or triple parking.

So DID we learn to drive?

Grinds my gears thinking about it..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hennessy Artistry 2011 @ The Opera

Well the long await party has returned!
Hennessy Artistry rocked out this time at Penang and KL but I only managed to go for the KL one.

Obviously this was a smaller event but still music and drinks were still awesome.
Venue could have been bigger, brighter and definitely colder.

This time, I decided to go with my sister and my grandma.
Call me crazy but she is hip! Drank and listened to all the party music. Damn cool yo!

Anyways, best let the pictures do the talking so here are some and the rest on fb.
Click here for more pictures.

All for now, 
shall update more.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carlberg's Global Re-Launch

In conjunction with the global re-launch of Carlsberg, they are sure to make it a big one as Carlsberg have prepared to bring in 6 hot and internationally renowned female DJs to Malaysia. For 2 months, the DJs would be taking turns to entertain customers at different clubs. 

Better still, as stated in the picture, as long as you purchase 1 bucket/jug of Carlsberg, then you will get to have a picture with one of these sassy DJs!

The Bad Ass DJs list would be 
  • Miss Kelly Marie
    • 13 April 2011 Gsix, Gardens Kuala Lumpur
    • 14 April 2011 Valencia, Kuantan
    • 15 April 2011 One Club, Penang
  • Kellie Acreman
    • 20 April 2011 Eurostar, Sunway Pyramid
    • 21 April 2011 Volar, Ipoh
    • 22 April 2011 Fuel, Penang
  • Sam Cooke
    • 27 April 2011 Slippery Senorita, Penang
    • 28 April 2011 Platinum, Kuantan
    • 29 April 2011 Aloha, Jalan P Ramlee KL
  • Charlotte Narni
    • 5 May 2011 Rootz, Jalan Sultan Ismail
    • 6 May 2011 Fuel, Penang
    • 7 May 2011 Gsix, Gardens Kuala Lumpur
  • Sassy Pandez
    • 11 May 2011 Sultan Lounge, Kuala Lumpur
    • 12 May 2011 MOIS, Penang
    • 13 May 2011 Aloha, Jalan P Ramlee
  • Keli Hart
    • 18 May 2011 FAME, Penang
    • 19 May 2011 To be confirmed
    • 20 May 2011 To be confirmed
Don't miss your chance!
Have fun!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Well its not today or yesterday but about a week back. Anywho, Jason the birthday boy threw this huge party with the help of his friends and well I am sure he had a great night.

Here are just some pictures from me

Me and Jason

Blowing out his cake. Hilarious stuff. 

Zlwin, Angeline, Me and Mandy

Me and Jamie

Eunice, Vivian and me. 

Hope Mynjayz had a memorable birthday!