Monday, May 9, 2011

My iPhone 5 new features predictions.

Okay since everyone is so hyped up about the iPhone 5. Well iPhone 6 more like it but after checking out the market and Apple's competition, these are what I PREDICT the iPhone 5 would have.

None of these are confirmed. Just my predictions.

  • Bigger memory. Definitely. Since the iP4 did not have a bigger memory for the HD recordings, hopefully Apple will bump it up.
  • Fixed antenna. Well this is pretty logical to avoid the death grip. 
  • Dual core processor. Since the competition has launched this and the iPad2 already have it. 
  • More ram. Makes sense, since they upgraded the processor as well.
  • Bigger screen. Okay this is a 50-50. Since Apple doesn't seem to be too hyped up about the bigger screen. 
  • Bigger camera. 8mp perhaps. 
  • 4G. This I am not quite sure. There are a lot of speculations but maybe, just maybe. Apple might leave this out for the iP6. 
Yep those are my predictions. 
I thought about that Smart Skin thing for the iP5 as well but since the phone is comparably smaller, don't think it needs a stand.

Leave a comment if you have predicted something as well. 

All for now,

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  1. Those predictions are absolutely necessary to improve the product and for the consumer to buy the new product.