Friday, February 25, 2011

SNSD / Girl's Generation Yuri Wallpapers Part 1

I was told by Chester that I am biased towards the other SNSD members. So now I need to balance everything out. lololol
So I shall start with Yuri.

Hope you Yuri fans out there would like it,
SONE over and out.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Girl's Generation / SNSD Tiffany Wallpapers Part 2

Okay I haven't done this in a while and I'm kinda busy these days completing my applications.
Starting to be attracted to Fany these days. So here are some of her adorable pictures.

Sorry not all of them are HQ but those are very hard to find.
Sadly she ain't my neighbor, if she was I would have loads of pics for you.

Here is more of her pics! Part 1
SONE over and out!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Toshiba L645 - 1126XL Review.

I have gotten my hands on the new Toshiba L645. The new blue colored laptop.
Well, its my sister's actually, so I still get to play around with it.

  • i5 M560 2.67ghz
  • 4gb ddr3
  • ATi Radeon HD 5650 1gb
  • 500GB 
  • 14" Screen and size. HD ready.

What is it exactly? A 3k budget laptop with a kick-ass processor and graphic card for the time being. 
The exterior is a little plain but the new blue color does give it a mysterious feel. 
The keys are pretty big and the touchpad is acceptable. The multi-touch function is a little annoying at times.
Eg. zooming-in the web browser unintentionally.

The laptop runs smoothly when multi tasking or even when a heavy application is running in the background. It is fairly light and the battery would last about 4 hours when using the Eco mode by Toshiba. Not bad I might say. The keys on the keyboard is a little oddly placed but with time, the user would get used to it. Somehow some of the functions on the Fn keys are a little out of place and I do wish I can assign them to more important applications.

When running games on this baby, it would pretty well. As if it is laid back while still spitting performance. Running Modern Warfare 1 and 2 at High is not a problem . L4D and L4D2 is also not a problem. Currently testing out COD BlackOps on it. From what I got so far, its smooth sailing all the way.
As I do use Adobe Lightroom 3 from time to time, I did try it out on this baby. I found it pretty usable on my own lappy, only on this processing was faster and with little to no lag.

The thing I don't like about it is the simplicity. The laptop is so simple till they left out the nifty little media keys.
Alot of the other functions are for the Fn buttons and even till then, there is no media keys for Media player. No Play/Pause button. The screen is good but not as bright as I like it and the speakers are not as loud as many would like. It does come with a few unwanted software as well but those can be easily removed.

Here are some benchmark scores for the graphic card. *Click Here*
Notebookcheck gives very detailed benchmark scores.

I rate thee - 8/10

My comment - This laptop here would be a bargain maybe in a few more months to come when the price drops. Eventho I dod mention about the media keys but I did find a solution to it so not such a big problem there. Would have been nice if the keys were backlit and the screen was a little sharper. Since it is just a budget laptop, it wont win in every aspect but it will still deliver.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New photo album for Handphone pics

Hey readers.
I have uploaded a photo album on facebook for my handphone pics.
Mostly taken with Retro Cam.
Here is the link.

It is also found under Photography on the Menu bar above.
Hope you like it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Gelare All Natural Ice Cream, e-Curve

What is Gelare you ask?

Gelare is an all Australian, All natural, All imported.
The serve waffles, pancakes and ice cream.
Gelare proudly states that it is all natural with no artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives.
So you can say, your food is partially Aussie.

The ice cream and dough mix are all imported from down under and Gelare proudly announces that their ice cream are fuller with richer taste as it is "heavy and dense", with less air content.
The waffle and pancakes are freshly made within minutes to satisfy your cravings of freshly made foods.
To top it off, the ice cream would be served on your waffle. 17 different flavors of ice-cream that is.

So Gelare was nice enough to invite a few of us from Advertlets to sample their waffle, pancake and ice-cream.
My comment on it?
It was delicious. The ice cream is thick and creamy. The pancake and waffles were hot and sweet thanks to the ice cream on it and the maple syrup.

Since today is Valentines, couples planning to share little moments together, and their food too, can drop by Gelare for some memories.

Just so you know, the portions are a bigger than expected and if you are craving for something else, check the other savory treats.
Not just for V-day is it?


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Logitech MK320 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Review

About 2 weeks back, I managed to get my hands the Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard.
For a typical laptop user, this is quite an added feature.
This would make your tech savvy boyfriend or girlfriend quite happy?

Both the wireless and mouse use the same wireless receiver. It is not a very big receiver so it is quite portable. It is also very easy to install as it is just plug and play technology. Something very cute about the receiver is also that it can be stuck on to the bottom part of the mouse, to make sure it wouldn't be lost when brought around.

The mouse is quite accurate and is capable of playing first person shooters. The keyboard on the other hand is quite a fun little thing. A full sized keyboard for those laptop gamers who would use the number pad. At the top, multimedia keys for music and video, volume and skip buttons. For the lazier people, a button just for jumping around windows, a desktop button, a music button, a mail button and even a Power button.

Everything else is the same but the lack of wires is a prettier sight, especially when I already have camera cables, phone cables, speaker cables and power cables running around.
The keyboard and mouse set would have been much better if it was a bluetooth device for laptops but since it was made with desktops in mind, no comments there.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ajmal Opens First Store in Malaysia

Ajmal has finally arrived in Malaysia!

You may have heard about it on the radio, actually even I can't remember hearing about it but apparently there were commercials about it. Ajmal has been here for at least a year and now they are trying to be heard.

So what does Ajmal plan to achieve by opening a store in Malaysia?
They are here to change the perception of Middle Eastern fragrance. The stereotype of heavy musky scents from the middle east is over, or shall I say, will be over with Ajmal's help. The fragrances I smelled that day was light and fruity or woody. Nevertheless the fragrances were light and not heavy.

I have recently attended their Celebrity Media Conference which included a preview to their new fragrance(Valentine Series) and their My Inspiration series. The Valentine one is just a set for Him and Her.
The highlight of the event was celebrity Jien ( Previously from Disney Channel and Cheer Host) was there to get a bottle of personalized perfume for his wife.

Ajmal's My Inspiration fragrance allows you to mix and match your own scent and after that, they would save down your recipe. The recipe is then kept only for YOUR use. So your recipe would be specially yours.

Plus if you run out of the fragrance, you can just give them a call and they would have it ready for you, exactly as you made it. Convenient no?

There currently are promotions for Ajmal fragrances. If you are interested, drop by Pavilion 3rd floor, in the middle circle.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HELP Sports Carnival 2011 - Bowling

Happy Chinese New Year all!!

Recently HELP had their inter-college sports carnival and I, for the fun of it joined their bowling squad.
I'm not that good nor was I that bad either. In the end it was more like target practice than a competition cause the lane kept giving us trouble thus, the game was pretty off.

Anywho, here are some pics I took before the game begun.
Pretty much need to learn to walk around for the 50mm 1.8

Pretty fun day till we left before the scores we calculated XDDDDD

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Samsung GalaxyS/ Vibrant MMS Problem Solution

Okay so apparently the GalaxyS had problems with the MMS function. Either it would not go out or it would not be downloaded.
So after fooling around with my phone a bit I am guessing I found a solution.

My phone is running on Android 2.2 Froyo.

1. Download MMS phone settings from your network provider.
2. Install the settings.
3. Go to your phone Settings> Wireless and Network> Mobile Networks.
4. Check "Use packet data"
5. Go into Access Point Names. Select your provider setting.
6. Check APN Type and make sure the mms setting is selected. (Either just MMS or Data roaming or both)

That fixed my phone for me. So go give it a try and see.

*If it doesn't work then sorry I don't think I have your solution then*
Tell me if it works for you.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Advertlets Galactic Laser Video!

Yes! From the professional camera man from Advertlets, here is the video on the Advertlets Laser Tag.
The video is totally AWESOME!
Okay maybe I'm just saying that cause I'm on it but still, AWESOME!!!

Just so you know, Destroyer was me!

Can't wait to laser tag now can you?
Grab your friends and go try it reallllll soon!