Saturday, February 5, 2011

Samsung GalaxyS/ Vibrant MMS Problem Solution

Okay so apparently the GalaxyS had problems with the MMS function. Either it would not go out or it would not be downloaded.
So after fooling around with my phone a bit I am guessing I found a solution.

My phone is running on Android 2.2 Froyo.

1. Download MMS phone settings from your network provider.
2. Install the settings.
3. Go to your phone Settings> Wireless and Network> Mobile Networks.
4. Check "Use packet data"
5. Go into Access Point Names. Select your provider setting.
6. Check APN Type and make sure the mms setting is selected. (Either just MMS or Data roaming or both)

That fixed my phone for me. So go give it a try and see.

*If it doesn't work then sorry I don't think I have your solution then*
Tell me if it works for you.



  1. Awesome! It fixed mine right away! Thanks!

  2. Same here... my phone had been giving me this problem for a few wks now, your solution worked like a charm. Many many thanks!!

  3. Good stuff. Glad to know it has helped!

  4. Ever since I flashed cm7 i couldn't send mms. I checked all sorts of forums and this was the only thing that worked. THANKS!