Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ajmal Opens First Store in Malaysia

Ajmal has finally arrived in Malaysia!

You may have heard about it on the radio, actually even I can't remember hearing about it but apparently there were commercials about it. Ajmal has been here for at least a year and now they are trying to be heard.

So what does Ajmal plan to achieve by opening a store in Malaysia?
They are here to change the perception of Middle Eastern fragrance. The stereotype of heavy musky scents from the middle east is over, or shall I say, will be over with Ajmal's help. The fragrances I smelled that day was light and fruity or woody. Nevertheless the fragrances were light and not heavy.

I have recently attended their Celebrity Media Conference which included a preview to their new fragrance(Valentine Series) and their My Inspiration series. The Valentine one is just a set for Him and Her.
The highlight of the event was celebrity Jien ( Previously from Disney Channel and Cheer Host) was there to get a bottle of personalized perfume for his wife.

Ajmal's My Inspiration fragrance allows you to mix and match your own scent and after that, they would save down your recipe. The recipe is then kept only for YOUR use. So your recipe would be specially yours.

Plus if you run out of the fragrance, you can just give them a call and they would have it ready for you, exactly as you made it. Convenient no?

There currently are promotions for Ajmal fragrances. If you are interested, drop by Pavilion 3rd floor, in the middle circle.

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