Monday, February 14, 2011

Gelare All Natural Ice Cream, e-Curve

What is Gelare you ask?

Gelare is an all Australian, All natural, All imported.
The serve waffles, pancakes and ice cream.
Gelare proudly states that it is all natural with no artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives.
So you can say, your food is partially Aussie.

The ice cream and dough mix are all imported from down under and Gelare proudly announces that their ice cream are fuller with richer taste as it is "heavy and dense", with less air content.
The waffle and pancakes are freshly made within minutes to satisfy your cravings of freshly made foods.
To top it off, the ice cream would be served on your waffle. 17 different flavors of ice-cream that is.

So Gelare was nice enough to invite a few of us from Advertlets to sample their waffle, pancake and ice-cream.
My comment on it?
It was delicious. The ice cream is thick and creamy. The pancake and waffles were hot and sweet thanks to the ice cream on it and the maple syrup.

Since today is Valentines, couples planning to share little moments together, and their food too, can drop by Gelare for some memories.

Just so you know, the portions are a bigger than expected and if you are craving for something else, check the other savory treats.
Not just for V-day is it?


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