About Me


I'm YeeJin or Justin to many and welcome to my blog!

Well I would blog about pretty much anything.

I'm usually pretty quiet if I don't know you well but eventually I'll open up. That's why I consider myself an outgoing introvert. 

I'm into kpop as my sisters and friends influenced me, SNSD/Girl's Generation!

I can't live without my few babies, etc. my camera, guitar, laptop, handphone.

I own an Android phone and I love it. Sorry not a BB or Apple fan. 

I say "angugu" without a reason, so if I say it to you, just ignore it.

I would like a GPS with a sexy voiced lady instead of that boring lady's voice. 

I would totally love some rich patron to buy me camera products. XDD *in my dreams right*

I hope you enjoy my blog!
If you like it or find it helpful, please follow it or like it.
No harm in sharing right?
Any suggestions just drop a comment or email me.

Because I believe everyone is a critic. 

* P.S - Don't forget to check Chester's profile as well!