Monday, November 26, 2012

Grind My Gears - Common Courtesy

Haven't wrote of these like forever. Nyways, yesterday I read a tweet which went "saying you're welcome is not a chore, but common courtesy", and it got me thinking. How often do I say you're welcome, which really ain't that common at all. Which only leads to one thing, people I have been dealing with are not saying "thank you" at all.

Where I currently am, I have  had to learn my manners again due to all the friendly people around me but back home, where commercials say its one of the friendliest places, you really don't actually experience common courtesy much at all. Rarely people hold the door for you, rarely would they ever let you get into their lane while being stuck in a traffic jam, rarely would they even say thank you if you did something for them.

So I ask, what happened to common courtesy? I read an article recently of a social experiment of helping and very sadly so (it somehow affected me deeply), Malaysia was rated as the least helpful country, in the case of helping a random stranger in need. That's just sad. Check it out yourself -> LINK

So whoever reading this,
the next time someone goes out of their way for you, a simple thank you ain't really that much effort to say.

Grinds my gears even when I think about it...

Rant end...

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