Friday, May 6, 2011

Grind My Gears - Driving Schools

Okay I need to rant. As humans, we love it. Cause usually with rants the would be gossip.

Anyways, a few days back I was at my driving school and I was watching all those sad little people learning how to drive. I know I have been one of those sad idiots.

Carrying on, while watching all the parallel parkings, three point-turns and the hill/handbreak/first gear thingy,
it hit me that besides learning how to drive a manual car, how to park and the road rules, you will barely learn anything about the real driving experience.

How when it rains heavy enough, you wont see a damn thing,
about never driving over a puddle of water eventhough you wanted to do it since your childhood,
how there would be idiots driving with their hazards lights on,
how parking lots would be tight as hell with people double parking or triple parking.

So DID we learn to drive?

Grinds my gears thinking about it..


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