Friday, August 5, 2011

Chelsea Asia Tour - Coach Media Training.

First of, thank you Samsung for giving me the pass for the once in a lifetime experience.
I got my chance to learn football from the Chelsea coaches when they were in KL recently.
Thank you Jessica Kan for holding on to the camera while we were trying so hard to not look bad.

I am a Chelsea fan but not a very big football fan so truth to be told, I suck with kicking a ball around a field. The coaches were very friendly and they were nice enough to be gentle on all the media people there. Still they did occasionally crack a joke here and there about how they would be going all out.

Everything started off with some warm-ups. Stretching and jogging. Experiencing the exact same for all the Chelsea players. No doubt about 10 minutes later, we were panting like crazy. Skipping, zig-zagging and high-kicking. Pretty sure we were gonna be suffering from muscle pain for the next few days.

Then we did some drills and practices with the ball. Some dribbling and passing then the long await break again. Panting for breath would be an understatement. The coaches told us how important all the little passing exercises would be to help the team get closer, have better communication and to practice their football skills.

Everything ended off with a 10 minute friendly match. Can't remember which team won but it was definitely something to talk about. I might even start playing futsal for a change. After all the long training it was definitely something light and fun. After that, there was a Q&A session for the coaches and a photo session with the coaches.

That's all for that.
Currently trying to catch up with my blog posts cause there still are a few more to come.

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  1. I never miss a blog that gives the news about football. Thanks buddy.

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