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Benq S57 Joybook disassemble instructions

Okay, first off I would like to thank Thang from NBR forums for giving me all the instructions needed to dis-assemble.

*Do this at your own risk. By doing this, it will also void your warranty if it still applies.*

Keep the normal rules applied.

  • Be aware of screw location and screw size. For the S57, the screws for the monitor hinge are the bigger ones. 
  • Try to wear an antistatic bracelet just in case. If you don't have one, just don't shuffle your feet or stand  on a carpet. 
  • Have your philips screwdriver and flat head screwdrivers on the table. Preferably those with the magnetic end ones. Helps with removing the screws. 
  • Be patient and act smart. Note whatever which you remove so you can put it back later on.

Dis-assembly Instructions.

1. First, take off all the covers (battery, HDD, fan area etc). Cover your screen with something to avoid scratches (I placed mine on a piece of cloth). Take out all screws, they are mainly one length except for the HD cover screws (including the 2 longer ones at the back). Put them securely and in some sort of order on a separate surface where they won't be disturbed. Take the HDD out (remove 4 stubby screws, remove two side screws, slide out). You cannot remove the back plate yet. Then turn over. 

2. Take off the plate with stripes (hinge cover) by first removing the three screws which retain it from the rear (you have already taken these out, the screw holes have a "K" printed into the plastic near them on the rear plate). You push the hinge cover down and up on both ends and it will pop up (it is a little tricky doing this). Take it off. 

3. This exposes the two big screws which hold the two monitor hinges on. Take them off and lay the monitor down, unplug the two VGA cables and the two wireless aerials (black and white) which are at the back. Lift the laptop slightly to see them. Note the black and white positions and place monitor at somewhere safe after removing.

4. Now, push the top of the keyboard down and you will see some retainer clips which hold it into the top plate. The keyboard will come out with a little careful effort along the top of the keys - push the retainers down with a flat nose screwdriver, carefully, it will all come out. There is a ribbon cable plugged into the motherboard under it, and one for the mouse, you should see it. Just pull the front clip out of the sockets carefully and the ribbon cable will come out. Take the keyboard off and place somewhere. BE VERY CAREFUL. 

5. There are two screws under the keyboard which must be removed. There are also a few screws below the monitor which are holding on to the front plate. Remove them and place somewhere safe. Now, take off the front plate (white front cover). The motherboard is exposed.

6. Now, take DVD unit out by sliding, it is easy, no screws (removed earlier). Now, unscrew the motherboard and place screws on piece of paper with rough drawing of the motherboard, so you know where screws go (IMPORTANT). 

7. Unplug the two battery terminals near battery compartment. The entire motherboard should come out now, be very gentle. The fan unit is screwed on to the motherboard at the CPU, so don't remove it unless you don't mind repasting the CPU.

8. You have now disassembled the unit entirely. Replace what you wish to replace and work backwards. Just always remember to be GENTLE.

Would be good to clean out any dirt found in the laptop as well. 
Hope this helps!

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