Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chelsea FC Training

Well as many of you would already know, Chelsea was recently in town. Eventho the match did not turn out as exciting as the rest did but still the fans still love them.

Hopefully with the new season, they will win the cup.

So I managed to sneak in to this little super heavily guarded event. lol.

Besides the hordes of blues fans going crazy to watch their favorite team member run around which was avoided, the media also got a chance to meet the players! Well sorta. They were training after all.
So as usual letting the pictures do the talking.

Personally tho I find all these training events quite a waste of money. I mean you are gonna pay just to see some men who you don't really know run around the field. whatttt don't really make sense.

Thank you to all photographers for the pictures.

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