Wednesday, August 17, 2011

U-Mobile Top Up madness!

Okay people, if you do not know about this yet, this is your chance!

Everytime you top up RM50 with U mobile, you will get a free RM10 KFC voucher!
You can go change it for like burgers or even better, wedges. yum yum..

Lucky fella. Okay sorry I'm hungry thinking about the wedges....

Besides that, did you know that when you top up U Mobile at Maybank, you stand a chance to win a new Galaxy Tab?

These people did.

Happy Moment: (Fr Left) Peter Tang, Head of Alternate Channel of U Mobile Sdn Bhd (Fr Right) Yip Weng Seng, Manager, Alternate Channel of U Mobile Sdn Bhd together with the winners of U Mobile top-up rewards programme with Maybank for week 1 to week 4. The winners walked away with a sexy Samsung Galaxy Tab!

So you want to try your luck as well? Here are the terms.

U Mobile pre-paid subscribers who top-up RM30 or above with Maybank are instantly winners with 100 free text messages. Top up RM100 and you get a free modem worth RM100. But that’s not all, every week the two highest reloading individuals will walk away with the sexy Samsung GALAXY Tab. Two GALAXY Tabs a week will be given away over a period of 12 weeks. The U Mobile and Maybank top-up rewards programme will be on from 6 June to 28 August 2011.

That's all.

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