Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Samsung GalaxyS - Forgetting to disable lagfix before flashing.

Okay, title says it all. I did exactly that and I payed the price of solving the hell out of that problem...
So much for updating to Android 2.3 without a problem..

Anyways for those who has done this. Don't worry, it can be saved. If you dare try it for yourself.

Symptoms -

  • Boots to the Samsung Phone model screen then it would hang and restarts again
  • Boots to the shining Samsung logo then hanging and repeats itself.

Don't panic just yet.
All you need to do is download Odin v1.8 + .pit file + a PDA file + Phone file and CSC file. 
There are forums on the net which would let you download all these with the instructions. 

Just choose the android version you want. Make sure you have the .pit file. *important*
Open Odin and CHECK Re-partition. 
Usually you don't check it but under such a case, you MUST check it.

Then connect your phone, select all the files at the correct locations and click Start.
Let it run and don't touch anything. Within 10 minutes, your phone should have rebooted itself. 
*note* for the first boot, it would take much longer at the Samsung logo screen. So be patient. 

That should be all.
That was what I did and it worked. 
Remember to read through a few forums before doing it.
*may not for you, so do at your own risk*


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