Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gigabyte M7700B Bluetooth Mouse Review

Kk, I got this mouse recently cause I was running out of USB ports and that just gave me a reason to upgrade XD.

Anyways here are the pros and cons of it


  • Portable bluetooth
  • Sensitivity button. 800dpi/1600dpi
  • Laser mouse
  • On/Off button
  • 5 button mouse
  • Its a tad small. Skinny mice?
  • The side buttons are hard to press if you have big hands
  • The scroll button needs some getting used to  

What can I actually write about a mouse? 
Its accurate, laser guided. All the buttons work as designed. The Bluetooth was easy to set up and quick. It doesn't have that red LED light at the bottom as its a laser mouse, so don't go thinking its not working. Cause I did that (blonde moment)

The design is comfortable as there are groves for your thumb and pinky fingers. In the groves there are also rubber fittings for more grip. The mouse sensitivity on 800dpi is actually pretty good but if you are lazy and you don't want to move as much the 1600dpi would suit you better. The mouse runs on 2 AAA batteries which are also included in the packaging. 

Yep, that's all I can think of to tell you guys. 
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Thank you!

Signing off, YJ


  1. why would u buy this mouse if you have a logitech combo already? for a laptop? or something wrong with logitech?

  2. Nothing wrong with both sets. Just that I wanted to try a bluetooth mouse and I gave the logitech combo to my sibling.

  3. Bought the Gigabye M7700B because I wanted to get my USB port. This mouse works great but is too small to take advantage of any of the ergonomic just can't rest your hand. Going back to my Logitech with USB transceiver.

  4. That is true, the mouse can be a little smaller than liked.