Saturday, July 2, 2011

Carlsberg Where's The Party? 2011

Hey everyone, before I start, I would like to thank Carlsberg and Brandthink for the invites to the BIGGEST party of the year!
How good was it? Everyone kept saying it was awesome. So it must be good. 

So last Saturday I was invite to Carlsberg Where's the Party. 
It was a 2D,1N all expense paid invitation with a list of what to bring and a promise of an awesome party. The catch was, no one knew where the party was. A secret location and they left us guessing till the door step of the hotel. 

The buses all lined up and ready

It began last Saturday morning at BKT Jalil, with everyone arriving and registering. Then with the buses ready, everyone loaded up and took off to the secret location. Which in the end turned out to be Gold Coast Sepang. We were greeted by this huge group of good looking people making us feel like celebs. 

Panorama with the TX5

Doing the walk. HAHA

Being media after all, we went through with the press conference. Listening to the top shots explaining about the event and the goals of it. Not forgetting, the arrival of the 6 hot international DJs that would be leading the party that night.

Feeling lucky!

The top shots with the hot shots. 

Pretty girls serving beer all the way. 

We checked into our rooms after the conference and boy, were we shocked. I thought I would just have a room to myself, in the end we all had an entire chalet to ourselves. RM1.3k - 1.6k a night. Hell, we felt like celebs alright. It was above the sea with a view of the sea. Well maybe the waters weren't crystal clear and all but still the chalet was pretty cool. Totally loved the bathroom. Had those ceiling mounted shower heads. I like!

From 3pm till 7pm, there were game booths set up around the hotel, there were also chill-out zones for those less active. At the chill-out zones, there were thai massages, mani-pedi, air tattoos and fortune telling. For the drinkers , there were booths set up EVERYWHERE providing 5 cups of beer before 7pm and free flow after. So choose water or beer?  Why the cap? Cause one of the main motto was "Drink responsibly".

Having your chance to dunk a DJ.

Yes, dunk me.

Getting a quick shower from pretty girls

After just going crazy with the games, which are played for points, which would earn you prizes, which are all collected in RFID tags on EVERYONE's wrist. What is that you ask? Well its those watch looking things which keep data. Play a game and collect your points.
Check out Carlsberg(MY)'s fan page or some of the other blogger's link below to check out more pictures!

The panorama for the beach and games. 

Having fun before going back to our rooms to freshen up for dinner and the party. The view and the flags definitely added more ambiance to the hotel and the surroundings. 
Self indulgence
Frozen in time

In the evening an elaborate set up by the beach was done for dinner. I would admit, the lack of chairs was of an inconvenience but still dinner went pretty smooth. 

The party started around 9 something with dancers, singers and bands going on first to warm up the crowd. Then the 6 hot DJs started to let loose awesome beats till 3am. I would have it say, a beach party was pretty fun. With good music and free flowing beer, everyone seemed pretty happy. 

I would say I really had fun. Don't really know how to put that into words as the whole party just blew my expectations off the roof. Anyways, here are some blogs with more detailed accounts for the party. 

With Ryan, Arthur, Zoey, Rebecca and Pei Li

Spot the drunk one!

Drop by the other blogs for their post on the party. Also some pictures are from them. 
Tian Chad
Zoey Lai
Kee Hua Chee

After that weekend, every moment seemed like it called for a Carlsberg. Still drink responsibly. 

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