Thursday, July 14, 2011

Samsung GalaxyS Android 2.3 Dark Core v2.3 Front Camera Fix

So I flashed my SGS with Darky's Dark Core v2.3 cause it was faster than the stock firmware but apparently the front facing camera has a bug with it. So you might be able to use video calling with Skype but the camera will be showing some weird image.

Anyways, here is the fix, just go to this forum link and look for the latest version ( v2.6) and download it.
At the bottom of all the download links, there would be a video teaching you how to flash your phone using SGS Kernel Flasher. Download the kernel flasher from android Market.

After following all the directions from the video, your phone should be updated to Dark Core v2.6 with the camera fixed. Its is also faster as the amount of ram available was tweaked.

Thank you Darky for the awesome Dark Core.

That's all.

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