Friday, October 21, 2011

My Maha PowerEx MH-C800S Smart Battery Charger Review

So one thing I found out about being in the States is that not every electronic would work here. The ones from Msia that is. Its because of the lower power supply in the US.

I found out about this when I plugged my battery charger into the socket to charge up my AA batteries for my flashgun and tadaa nothing happened. Worst part was cause the current was so low, its barely charging 2 of my 4 batteries. So, I decided to get a universal battery charger that would work anywhere in the world and that it would last me for years.

After my googling and review reading, I ended up with the PowerEx 800S. It cost $40+. I know its a little expensive but I would justify that in a bit. I think its the exact same thing with the other more expensive Maha chargers. Only thing which I found wasn't so good was that it charges only AA/AAA.

So what did I find good about it?
First thing, it can be used anywhere. So even if the electric current is different, there should not be a problem. 8 batteries can be charged all at once or a single one can be charged. Mix brands if you wish and it will still work. Way better than charging in pairs.There is a LCD screen at the front. I know this might just be a fancy add on but being able to track how much the battery is charged is good. Its way better than just staring at a LED light anyways. It will say its DONE charging, good for my 2700mAh  batteries since it takes forever.

The best feature however I would say is the Condition charging. Instead of just a fast charge and a slow charge, The condition charging will charge your battery up to full, fully discharge it to empty and then slow charge it up again to full. This will fix most of your old rechargeable batteries back to a sorta new state. Wish it worked with phone batteries and laptop batteries tho.

Personally, I find this charger very good. As a normal user/ amateur photographer, I burn through batteries fairly quickly and this has been great help.

I rate thee - 8/10

If only the charger works for different sizes and it being so expensive, I would have given it full points.

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  1. Wow, just wow! I want to have myself that PowerEx Charger! The features are just so genius and incredible! How can I be so blind and not have seen this before?! :D It looks like a good buy for $40+.