Monday, July 5, 2010

What If I'm a Russian Spy

Whenever I ask myself this question, one of the first ever answers that come back to me would be,
I would have a Russian accent!
Damn wouldn't that be cool?
All the cool villains usually have that.
The other answer that comes back would be that I can drink vodka like water.

Anyways, back to the point
If I was a Russian spy, my mission from Mother Russia would be to obviously eliminate some power figure,
blow a building up without getting caught and end up with some hot chick.

Haven't we watched enough action movies to know that yes, England has James Bond, America has the CIA and Russia have their AK47, Sniper Rifle wielding KGB Spies.

Also, usually in the movies the good looking bad boy is Russian. 

The most recent Russian guy, which wasn't a spy but still a pretty good villain was from Iron Man 2. Tadaa~~

My mission-

I would receive a message telling me to eliminate a political leader who was selling Russian information to the US. While returning to his hotel room, he shall be killed while being in an open concept elevator. I would be in a hotel room opposite the elevator with a sniper rifle. Shot through the head before destroying his hotel room with a detonator and all files of the Russian government. Just to make sure it is destroyed, a second bomb goes off. Just to have an action scene in it, I would be compromised and would have this nail biting car chase scene in a Nissan 370z zooming at on coming traffic, flying down back alleyways, maybe a chase scene in a shopping mall before ending up shot in the leg in a kitchen somewhere. KFC or Burger King perhaps. After a 5 minute fight scene with forks and knives, maybe a few frying pans and a spatula, during the speech my killer gives before finishing me off, I will manage to kick him into boiling oil and fry his butt. muahahahahaha! Great Success. Another successful mission.

Sounds fun. Any directors looking for a storyline? 
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  1. woa.... sounds like an outstanding, insane short video clip... how about it man?!

  2. hahaha i know right..
    lol you can make it meh??
    tay when go snap pic together?