Thursday, March 17, 2011

Samsung Launches 13" laptop & New line up of 3D HD Monitors.

Yesterday Samsung Officially launched their new 13" Series 9 laptop. It is truly thin and lightweight, less than 1inch thick and only is 1.3kg. Filled to the brim with the newest technology paired with a very sleek design, it is definitely something to look out for. Just to tease your senses a little, it is fitted with a 2nd gen intel core, Windows 7, Backlit keyboard, 4 GB ram and even  the new Flash Hard Disk. Which is the fastest hard disk around now.
Look out for the review for the laptop. That would be coming up soon.

Also with the launch, Samsung launched their new line of HD monitors. The hottest out of the oven is the SA 950. How hot is it? Well from the design itself, you can tell that its different. What's so special you ask?

Well it has Full HD, 2D and 3D viewing, Eco light sensors and the part I like the most, a build in hub for wireless connectivity. More will be explained in the next post but for now, this is it.

All for now, YJ


  1. of all the laptops u reviewed... u never give any benchmark score and the temperature when run on high performance... would really like that u act on some benchmark score.. =)

  2. Okay. Got it Bro. Will include bench mark scores for the previous ones and future ones.

  3. Any more information on the SA950?
    Is it an 120Hz monitor?
    Does it have Dual link DVI? HDMI 1.4a?
    Is it compatible with NVIDIA 3D?