Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grind My Gears - "Baby on Board"

I don't get why people actually put that damn sticker on their cars.
What do they actually expect people to do? "Oh yes a child is on board, I shall not overtake you"
or "oh that dude has a baby on board, I drive 1km away from him"

Problem is most of the people who have the damn stickers on their car is either driving like a madmen or driving like a snail. Tailing behind a lorry doesn't increase your safety and being ahead of everyone doesn't mean you are safe. Ain't anything to tell people around you to drive safely when you are trying to run them off the road yourself.

Funny how driving has given me so many things to complain about certain drivers but I just can't stand it.

Also, you know how public transport and lorries in Malaysia have that toll free number at the back of the car, so if they are speeding or driving recklessly, then you can report them?
It doesn't freaking work. Why the hell is it there for then?
That day I saw a huge ass lorry on the overtaking lane, on the highway doing more than 110kph.
On another day I saw a lorry overtaking a smaller lorry then as the lane was ending the lorry went into full brake lock. Imagine me and all the rest behind the stupid lorry.

Know what would be really stupid? The Baby sticker on a lorry lmao...

Grind my gears....

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