Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why Root your Samsung Galaxy S

I always searched why I should have rooted my phone a while back and well let me tell you why you should do it.
I am a simple user, I don't go through all the inside files and haven't learn to flash my phone yet. So, it is sorta simple to do.

The moment you root your phone, Superuser should have been installed (grants you admin perks). The first app to install is One Click Lag Fix. This app would fix all the little lagging problems with the phone. It would also make certain apps work faster. I tried it and yes i would definitely say it made everything faster. Almost like iPhone smooth. 

Second app I found to be useful would be Hot Reboot or any other app that would just restart the software and not the whole phone. Makes restarting your phone much much quicker. 

For those more advanced user, there are apps to dig into you phone for full control and to squeeze more out of your battery but those needs to be further researched.

After some opinions from the more experienced who commented, I shall add in what they said since it is to lets you know the reasons to rooting your phone.
According to them, with the root, you can back up your phone, flash your phone ( something like reformating it), overclocking the processor and also to delete certain admin files.
Pretty sure there are loads of other perks, its just that I haven't learned it yet. Sorry....

Hope all the simple users would find a reason to root your phone from this short post. 



  1. Well ...people in general usually root to gain full assess of your gain permission from superuser....and therefore you can backup apps using can o/c using set CPU ...and you get screenshots of your phone...but the main reason why people root is to flash a new Rom.

  2. agreed with recycler...
    flash a new rom to get the most out of ur phone... sometimes the phone is pre-installed with useless crap stuffs.. u can either use root explorer to delete it or well... flash a custom rom for speed... anyway.. TEGRA 2 is coming.. woohoo

  3. Yep true but since I'm still pretty new with all the ROM parts, I have found that the Lag fix for SGS a very good app. So i shared it. But thanks both of you for the info, I shall look into it and learn more bout it.

  4. For me, rooting my SGS2 allows me to disable the camera shutter (click) so that I can take upskirt pics!

  5. Really? SGS2 can't disable it before rooting? Ain't that changeable in settings?

  6. Not the camera shutter sound. By law its required that that option is disabled on cell phones so that the noise is not muted.

    H.R.414 -- Camera Phone Predator Alert Act

  7. does it brick your phone?

  8. If not done properly, then you can brick your phone.

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