Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wong Si Nai at Pudu pt 1

Ok, so I know that Jamie has blogged about WSN before but since its like one of my lepak spots,
I should too!

So Wong Si Nai is located opposite Pudu lrt station. It's usually filled with high school kids as it is very near Martin tuition center.
That was how I found out about it.
The outside looks a lil shabby, but the inside is fine.

So, the specialty for wsn would the their many many choices of differently cooked chicken.
There are loads!~
Can ask anyone I have makan there before..
including Belinda, as today was her first time. She just might kill me for posting her pic. XD

Also the very big selection of Pearl tea or Bubble tea selection.

My usual is the One night stand, don't ask why. Started from a dare.

Belinda's Sweet love

Generally I will admit that I haven't finish the whole menu yet. Haihh

So today I ordered the Golden Fragrance and Belinda ordered the lemon chicken I think.

Golden Fragrance.

Lemon Chicken

On Jamie's blog there was the Thai Style Chicken and she had the Salad Bun. - go check it out. I look a bit blurr there tho.

The total cost for a plate of chicken and rice would be RM5 and the drinks you can see.
If you are really tight on budget but have a big appetite, then RM5.50 including ice chinese tea.
Pretty good if you ask me.

Aunty better be giving me free drinks or something for promoting her shop.
She is very friendly and if you go enough times, she remembers you.

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